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Despite high potential growth of FinTech, or financial technology, in South Korea, many startups are still facing difficulties to jump into the market


Samsung Electronics, Intel of the United States, and TSMC of Taiwan are generally regarded as the world's big three semiconductor chip makers.


China’s auto industry started voicing against the Chinese government’s decision not to give subsidies for electric buses which are mounted with nickel-cobalt-manganese (NCM) batteries produced mainly by LG Chem and Samsung SDI.

People & Interviews


“I’ve committed to spreading Government 3.0 over the past one year and 2 months. As a result, public awareness of Government 3.0 has increased from 35 percent to 47 percent.

Choi Yang-hee Minister

Delivering a New Year's address at the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP), Minister Choi Yang-hee spoke about Qin Shi Huang’s empire protected by



Suppose that you are a journalist and your new editor-in-chief is a robot with artificial intelligence (AI).
The new editor-in-chief says, “Hey Michael! What’s wrong with you? The introduction


SKT open_koreaittimes

“I ran short on my card debt this month. Why does it seem like I never have enough? I feel so desperate.” It is not unusual to hear comments such as these at the workplace and elsewhere nowadays.


Yoon Seok-geum, chairman of Woongjin Group, started working on coming up with new business schemes from mid-2014, right after the group graduated from the court receivership just in one year.

Space Telescope

Inside a massive clean room at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt,


Samsung Electronics jumped into the automotive electronic equipment business after completing the setup of its automotive electronic business team.


In advance of the big game, LG Electronics (LG) released its Super Bowl commercial featuring actor Liam Neeson and its new LG SIGNATURE OLED TV.



Hanmi Pharmaceutical posted record sales last year since its founding.

SK Telecom

South Korea's largest telecom carrier SK Telecom said it is expected to post 2 trillion won in operating profits in the coming two to three years.

Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul Semiconductor said Tuesday it posted 1.1 trillion won in sales last year, a 7.7 percent rise from the previous year thanks to the stable growth in lighting, IT and auto business.



According to ovum comment, “The recent launch of Visa’s Developer platform marks a significant shift for the global payments network, and wide digital payments space.


On Jan 27, the Korean Society of Fintech, led by Professor Kim Hyoung-joong, held a breakfast meeting at The Palace Hotel Seoul with fintech experts in attendance.

Products & Technologies


Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of its Samsung Team Empowered Partners (STEP) reseller programme, designed to help resellers go to market quicker.


LG Electronics (LG) took the wraps off a new version of its Quick Cover case, designed specifically for LG G5, which does not yet exist.


After launching the K10 and the K7 earlier this month at CES 2016, LG Electronics (LG) has been rolling them out to countries throughout the world.


According to a source familiar with North Korean issues, Kim Chaek University of Technology has developed a spiral computed tomography (CT) scanner on its own.

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Choi Jae-hoon

Augmented reality is a modern, technological advancement that displays a computer-generated view of reality in lieu of the user’s view of the world, thus allowing its users to be completely immersed.

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In retaliation of the South Korean government's decision to halt the operations of the Kaesong Industrial Complex, the North said on February 11 that it would freeze all the South's assets within the industrial complex.

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