"존경하는 국민 여러분!

최순실 사건으로 촉발된 국정혼란 사태를 더 이상 방관할수 없다는 생각으로 국민 앞에 현직 총리로서 이 자리에 섰습니다.


At the moment, the two Koreas are standing at a crossroads, finding their path forward. The two sides all know that choosing the path to a full-scale war would lead to nothing but co-destruction.

‘Sony Korea,’ a global enterprise Sony’s Korean site, reflective XSS was found and urgent security measures are required. Recently ‘Play Station (PSN)’ which is Sony’s on-line game service was down by distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.


“The fact that personally identifiable information of elderly folks, who have never used any credit cards for the past 20-30 years, has been leaked means that all the Koreans virtually have their personal data stolen entirely,” said a TV news program anchor.


SEOUL, KOREA - In this knowledge-based modern society, the value of data, the so-called crude oil of the 21st century, has basked in great attention.


The Society of Ordinated Deacons of Sarang Community Church rallied on October 2


SEOUL, KOREA- SaRang Community Church, a Presbyterian Church located in Seoul, South Korea, has argued that the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and King's College London all permit alterations to PhD-winning theses after the PhD degrees were awarded.

SEOUL, KOREA – The number of “rich” Koreans holding over KRW 1 billion in financial assets alone surpassed 160,000 last year.

SEOUL, KOREA – How many nations in the world do you think have more than half of their populations equipped with smartphones? The answer is six (as of the end of last year). IT powerhouse South Korea topped the roaster.

SEOUL, KOREA – Naver, which enjoys over 70% dominance in fixed-line Internet searches, has successfully tightened its grip on the mobile web. Amid the fierce mobile platform competition among companies from home and abroad, Naver (the largest search engine in South Korea) has actually obtained monopolistic status on the mobile Internet.


SEOUL, KOREA – According to US market research firm Strategy Analytics (SA)’s 2002-2017 Outlook on Worldwide Mobile Phone Shipments, South Korea is estimated to rank 79th among the surveyed 88 nations with 2.43 mobile phones per household in 2017.


SEOUL, KOREA – Market research firm IHS pointed out that South Korea is crucial to global electronics markets because of its dominance in producing 66% of all DRAM, 48% of all NAND flash memory chips and 70 % of all tablet displays.


SEOUL, KOREA – The number of subscribers to the free voice call payment plans drawn up by Korea’s three telecom operators (SK Telecom, KT and LG U+) surpassed the one million mark in less than 20 days. Over 70% of the subscribers are estimated to have simply changed their payment plans rather than changing their service provider.

SEOUL, KOREA – LCD panels for TVs, which have thus far driven growth in the display market, will gradually become commonplace and Taiwanese companies are expected to charge ahead in the UHD TV market.

SEOUL, KOREA – An analysis found that mobile messaging services such as LINE and KakaoTalk have eaten away at global mobile operators and SNS’s revenues. Accordingly, communications, device and Internet companies are speeding up their efforts to encroach on the mobile messaging app market.

SEOUL, KOREA – Ceramic is clay that has been heated to a very high temperature so that it becomes hard. “Cutting-edge” ceramic refers to material that adds special functions to the existing ceramic materials. Nations including Germany, Japan and the US are vying fiercely to obtain key technologies for the production of cutting-edge ceramic a step ahead of others.

Enjoy your speed, SKT LTE

SEOUL, KOREA — As KT (a Korean integrated wired/wireless telecommunication service provider) finally jumped on the bandwagon of LTE (Long Term Evolution services), the next-generation LTE market is expected to be trisected.


Rampant Use of Non-Standard Technology “ActiveX Controls”

Samsung vs Apple

SEOUL, KOREA — On April 17, 2012 United States District Judge Lucy Koh ordered Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc. to the negotiating table to discuss the possibility of a settlement.


SEOUL, KOREA — As election season follows, people frequently speak of “welfare” and “free”. Lately, once hotly debated issue “free school meals“ finally elected a new Seoul major.

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