Exhibition Hall of Global Electric Power Tech

There will be another eye-catching trade show to be held in Seoul in late May -- Global Electric Power Tech 2009. The electrical trade show will draw the attention of world buyers and Korean businesspeople alike.

Global Fair Festival 2009

This year is Visit Incheon 2009, Korea. Incheon's city government has focused on creating sightseeing programs and building sightseeing infrastructure. For these the city government, Incheon Tourism Organization, and the committee managing the event finished their overall preparations. First they set a symbol with three colors - yellow, blue, and red. This trinity stands for Global Incheon. Yellow symbolizes the hope, blue shows the dreams, and red signifies the passion of Incheon. Then, they selected a slogan - Come together, Fly Incheon.

Baek Rok Dam

Jeju is hosting the Korean-ASEAN summit on June 1, with hopes that the occasion will serve as a significant turning point for the island province to win more international recognition. The island is trying to win world natural scenic spot status in hopes of enhancing the eco-friendly image of Korea and the brand value of Jeju.

For the past few months this How To column has heavily featured new capabilities of this magazine's web site, www.koreaittimes. com. This month is no exception, because we have recently added video reviews to the site from our media partner digitaltrends.com. They have given us an RSS feed of those videos, which we have then been able to automatically pull from digitaltrends.com's video server.

The key to this is yet another mod created for Drupal called FeedAPI.

Didrik Tonseth
Norway is an old kingdom, but new as a modern nation-state. As a modern welfare state with a high standard of living, the country is known as a society of socio-economic equality.
P&T/Wireless & Networks Comm China 2009, also known as P&T/Comm, will be staged at the China International Exhibition Centre, Beijing, China from September 16 to 20, 2009.

P&T/Comm is the only telecom event officially sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of the People's Republic of China, and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.

twin expos
As the two largest and most significant ICT and electronics events in Vietnam, the Vietnam International Communications Summit & Expo 2009 (Vietnam Comm 2009) and International Exhibition on Electronics Products in Vietnam 2009 (Vietnam Electronics 2009) will both be staged in the Vietnam Exhibition & Fair Centre, Hanoi, during
reservation machine

Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC) is using hightech gadgets to make the stay at the airport more pleasant for travelers with more smoothly flowing departures and arrivals.

Luvu drama 1
An engagement ring in an ice cream sundae - we've heard it before. An engagement ring in a tiny little square box - we've seen it before. A diamond ring sliding down a thread from a man's finger to a woman's finger - we've seen it in the movie Stepmom.
World Ceramic Biennale 2009 opening ceremony
Adventures of Fire is being held in Gyeonggi Province, Korea for 30 days from April 25 to May 24. This big international event, the 5th World Ceramic Biennale 2009, is being held in three cities - Icheon, Kwangju, and Yeoju.
Kim Moon-soo speaks
In the history of Korea, Gyeonggi Province has not only been the geopolitical center of Korea, but also played a core role in politics and economy as well as in the social and cultural spheres such as literature and the arts, harboring no hostility against ot
wetoku web site screenshot

The Korea IT Times interviewed David Lee, vice president at Zenitum Inc, earlier this month using his company's new online service wetoku. He spoke about many subjects including online services in Korea and the software industry. The entire 15 minute video interview is accessible just below this paragraph; just click the play button.We have reprinted excerpts from the interview below, which is only about half of the entire conversation.

Lakhvinder Singh
In water cooler discussions about strong countries in IT hardware, Korea often comes up. And, when companies need to identify strong software countries, India is always a prominent consideration.
Dr. Oh Myung

“Korea's IT miracle started with a telephone revolution in the early 1980s... when it was believed to be impossible for Korea to develop TDX telephone switching technology...”

Cha Joo-hak
Ubiquitous Healthcare shows its potential by facilitating the exchange of information between clinicians or between institutions, reducing costs, extending the scope and reach of medical facilities, enhancing the quality of services offered on-site, and providing for new means of medical supervision and preemptive medicine.
Sakong Il


“Korea has received a severe blow from the worldwide economic crisis, as it is heavily dependent on trade. But it seems that the economy will soon recover as many countries of the world have taken steps to stimulate the economy and their pump-priming policies are achieving desired effects. Now we should be prepared for an economic recovery that will come around.”


Lee Jeong-bae

Magical words like Green IT, Ubiquitous Town, and Cloud Computing are pouring out every day to bring May flowers once again, but the true side of it is that most of us are just barely trying to survive at this very moment of life. If we gathered at the 2008 IT Global Conference to study the topic Wonderful IT Convergence, the conference in May 2009 will face the pain of realism before looking up to the sky.


Cisco Invests 2 Billion in Korean IT

John Chambers, Chairman & CEO of Cisco, met President Lee Myung-bak on April 14. He said at the meeting in Cheong Wa Dae: “According to my company's plan, US$2 billion will be spent over five years in building a research center in Korea.” He outlined other specifics, especially that the US$500 million will be spent in investment and loans for South Korean IT and communications venture companies.
Google logo
The Korean government's April 1 regulation to require all web sites with 100,000 daily users to collect its users' real names and resident registration numbers has been sidestepped by Google's site YouTube Korea, which has simply disabled the ability for users to upload content or write comments on YouTube's Korea site. Some, including officials at the Korea Communication Commission (KCC), think that this refusal to comply with Korean regulations is wrong.
Kim Tae-wan
Daeryuk Co., Ltd. left a strong impression at IMAC 2009 of the quality, quantity, and design of its products. As a leading national manufacturer of Low Voltage Electric products, Daeryuk had much to show at the exhibition.
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