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SINGAPORE - element14 has expanded its portfolio of KEMETcapacitors for electronics design and production with the newest lines of super capacitors, inductors and signal relays, suitable for applications in automotive, communications and industrial.

Samsung Electronics maintained its No. 1 spot in the DRAM market in the first quarter of this year.

SEOUL, KOREA - Samsung and LG home appliances made in the neighboring country of China are coming back to the domestic market. This is the first time for main home appliances of Samsung and LG to be manufactured in China and then be bought back for the domestic market.

SEOUL, KOREA - The future looks very rosy for LG Electronics’ mobile phones.

SEOUL, KOREA - LG Electronics held a presentation for its new home appliances in Sao Paulo, Brazil for two days from March 6 to 7, boasting its next generation premium TVs.


SEOUL, KOREA – Having surpassing Japan last year, Korea is expected to become the global leader in the secondary battery industry this year. The status of “Secondary Battery Korea” will rise even higher as LG Chemical(LG Chem) is expected to overtake second-place Panasonic (Panasonic took over Sanyo in 2008) in the third quarter.


For today's marketplace where creative minds and new ideas are no longer pervasive, a big question mark is raised about whether or not the sky is really the limit.


His father has been working as a high school teacher for decades, and Darum is now seriously worried about him. His father has been recently complaining about the rapidly deteriorating eyesight when preparing for his classes until late at night.

Suh Jongryeol

"The introduction of IPTV is essential not optional!" Suh Jongryeol, Executive Vice President of the Media Business Unit at KT stressed. What makes the move to IPTV so special that should be taken as an 'inevitable"and how will IPTV change the TV landscape? Korea IT Times leaned about 'The emergence of IPTV in Korea and development direction' in a recent conversation with Mr. Suh.

Chin Deaje

Daeje Chin ,  nicknamed a short-statured Goliath in the IT industry, served as Minister of Information and Communications and has always taken center stage in Korea's IT industry.

Yim Chu-hwan

With the Smartphone trends, Today is the golden time for Mobile WiMAX

ICT Policy

Advancement and Supplement Points of IT-Strength Korea

The tenth installment in a twelve-part series - Ed.

According to a count in late February, Korea has 48.57 million mobile phone subscribers. All Koreans possess a mobile phone and they have access to information that is only clicks away. This makes Korea an IT powerhouse and a digitally advanced country.

Hyung Tae-geun

The first-part of the tenth installment - Ed.

The origin of success, according to author Malcolm Gladwell, is that it takes 10,000-hours of effort to master a skill. Those who overcome become outliers of the world. South Korea is currently ranked first in the world in the Digital Opportunity Index (DOI) with a perfect score of 0.80. This record also results from the combined efforts of the government and its citizens.


CDMA comes into commercial use

The ninth installment in a twelve-part series - Ed.

Today, many people assume that Korea is number one in the IT business. Thus, it is likely that many scholars, professors, business leaders, and the media like to take a crack at what is behind Korea's success in becoming a powerful IT country.

Kim Hong-in

The eighth installment in a twelve-part series - Ed.

A Fateful Meeting

Dr. Yang Seung-taik, former Minister of Information and Communication Ministry and Invited Researcher of ETRI

The Birth of Telecommunication

The seventh installment in a twelve-part series - Ed.

History of TDX Today we live in a world that provides a lot of comfortable electronics for everyday life. For example, the electronic phone and the mobile phones provide us with a lot of conveniences. However, do we know the origin of the electronic phone and the mobile phone? Also, do we realize the significance of the electronic phone and the mobile phone?

Korea's first PC advertisement

The Personal Computer Arrives – A Story of the Early 1980s

The sixth installment in a twelve-part series - Ed.

PC as Zeitgeist

Late 1970s radios, cassettes and electronics are on display

”Radios, cassettes and electronic watches change lifestyle” – A Story of the Late 1970s

The fifth installment in a twelve-part series

New Lifestyle

Yoon Chung-woo, an advisor to the Electronics & Information Club

”Color TV Production Opens a New Vista” – A Story of the Early 1970s

The 1970s was a decade of an economic leap forward for Korea. The then Ministry of Commerce and Industry formulated and implemented an “eight-year plan for the promotion of the electronics industry” for the 1969-1976 period.
IBM's First Computer Desktop

“The Electronics Industry Gains Momentum” – A Story of the 1960s

Decade of Upheavals

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