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A deputy manager-level employee of Citibank Korea is accused of secretly recording the private bodily areas of a female employee during working hours.

PH-Korea IT Times

[Darmstadt/Bonn, Germany] The world climate conference in Bonn is an internationally
recognised event; after all, it is about global climate protection.


The blockchain continue to lead new changes in governance. the blockchain is not only an evolving technology of the financial system,


Want to help humanity’s exploration of our Solar System? Do you have a medical degree and are not afraid of the dark or the cold?


[SINGAPORE] In a daring and bold move, Brazilian photographer, Marcos Alberti, acclaimed for last year's "3 Glasses" project on drinking alcohol in moderation,

Washington DC

Sentinel-2 takes us over the US capital city of Washington DC, nestled between the states of Maryland and Virginia


[Switzerland] South Korea and Switzerland both made announcements regarding initial coin offerings on September 29, though their approaches diverged:

Faster bandwidth, growing 4G coverage, ever-increasing smartphone and pay-TV penetration improving payment options,


Fintech industry is going through good times with investor confidence rapidly catching up in this space across the globe,


[NEW YORK] Rockefeller University biologist Michael W. Young, who discovered the molecular mechanism of circadian rhythm,


[BERKELEY, Calif] machineVantage announced on September 26 that world–renowned Cognitive Linguist Dr. George Lakoff has joined the company as its Chief Linguistics Advisor.


[SEOUL / NEW YORK] The founders of the MolenGeek initiative, the Belgian government, and Samsung Electronics presented


[Seoul, Korea] SK Telecom (NYSE: SKM) announced on September 21 that it has successfully tested its self-driving vehicle in public.

[HONG KONG] Cogobuy Grou, the largest e-commerce platform serving the electronics manufacturing industry in China,

[New Delhi/Seoul] SK Telecom and a world leader in building cutting edge networks, and Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”), India’s largest telecommunications services provider


[Seoul, Korea] SK Telecom (NYSE: SKM) announced on September 7 that its mobile navigation app ‘T Map*’ is now powered by its artificial intelligence (AI) platform NUGU.


SK Telecom (NYSE: SKM) announced on September 5 that “SK #AI Symposium 2017” will be held on September 29 at SKT-Tower in Seoul, Korea,


[Berlin, Germany] Smartphones swimming in the water, customized headphones, a self-watering garden or a waist-high service robot – journalists discovered a plenty of innovations at ShowStoppers@IFA on Thursday.


[BERLIN, GERMANY] Brands, markets and innovation: With 1,805 exhibitors and 159,000 square meters of sold-out show floor, IFA confirms its role as the leading showcase for the global technology industry.

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