SEOUL, KOREA - With the advancement of technology, smart learning has enabled people to study at their leisure anytime and anywhere.

Jae-ho Lee, Chairman of Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea

SEOUL, KOREA – Despite the ever flourishing Korean cultural industries at home and abroad, the publishing industry seems to be declining.


SEOUL, KOREA – NHN Corp., South Korea's biggest Internet portal operator, said Tuesday that two-year-old messaging application Line has more than 200 million registered users around the world.

SEOUL, KOREA – The Electronic Times has joined hands with Korea Mobile Contents Association (MOCCA) and Smartphone Game Developers’ Group (SDG) in order to take the smart content industry to new heights.

SEOUL, KOREA  – SK Broadband, one of the largest providers of broadband Internet access in South Korea, said Thursday that it will kick off full HD broadcasts on it IP TV “Btv Mobile.”

SEOUL, KOREA – On Thursday, the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP) and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced a joint plan for content industry promotion.

SEOUL, KOREA – The Nut Job, an action-packed 3D animated film developed by Korean-based 3D company Redrover, will hit theaters around the globe. The Nut Job is scheduled to first hit US theaters in January next year and then open around the globe including South Korea.


SEOUL, KOREA – Moving beyond Japan, Europe and Latin America, NHN’s mobile messenger “Line” is set to target the 1.2 billion-strong Indian market.

SEOUL, KOREA – Smart TV operators, who opted for open-source HTML5 in order to avoid dependence on Google, have bumped into an obstacle - YouTube. As Google requires HTML5-based smart TV operators to go through “browser conformity tests” before they use the YouTube app, smart TV operators argue that their autonomy in designing app layouts and deciding launch dates are being violated.

SEOUL, KOREA – Launching IPTV services, IPTV operators pledged large-scale investment in content development. However, it turned out that they have failed to put their money where their mouth is over the past 5 years.



SEOUL, KOREA – South Korea-based KakaoTalk launched the PC version of popular mobile messenger “KakaoTalk” on Thursday. Unveiling Kakao PC, Kakao explained that it enhanced the app perfection and stability by carefully listening to user opinions obtained during the closed beta testing (CBT) which began in March.

SEOUL, KOREA – As the commercial launch of UHD broadcasts has been advanced to next year, the paid TV industry, as well as the TV market, is likely to become vibrant again. Once UHD contents are aired in real time, replacement demand for UHD TVs is anticipated to surge.


SEOUL, KOREA – As Google announced that it will more than triple commissions from app sales in its apps marketplace, telecom operators are strongly expressing their opposition. Once Google pushes for a raise in app sales commission fees by leveraging its clout over the Android platform, telecom operators will suffer a plunge in revenues.

SEOUL, KOREA – South Korea’s entertainment and media (E&M) market climbed up one notch to the 7th place in the world last year.  Growth was mainly driven by the fixed, wireless Internet and game industries.


SEOUL, KOREA – Boxfish Entertainment, a small-sized, South Korean animation company, will receive an investment of KRW 2.5 billion from US-based Toonzon Studio.


SEOUL, KOREA – It is now Korean animations’ turn. Animations developed by Korean SMEs are catching the eyes of overseas children. Moving beyond simply exporting contents to overseas markets, Korean animation companies power up the Korean wave by expanding their animations into toys, movies and books.


SEOUL, KOREA – 3D animated film “The Nut Job” will be distributed worldwide by Hollywood-based Weinstein Company.


SEOUL, KOREA – South Korean cable television group CJ Hellovision, which was intent on making forays into the Asian market last year, is planning to enter the US market by putting forward its Tving (a live ready-made-content service which features numerous channels viewable on PCs, smartphones, tablets and now smart TVs).


SEOUL, KOREA – Korean VFX (visual effect) companies are to prove their worth in the world’s largest film market, Hollywood. Industrial Light & Magic, a division of Lucasfilm Ltd., said Tuesday that it will contract out some of its movie production business to Korean VFX companies. ILM is an American Academy Award-winning motion picture visual effects company that was founded in 1975 by George Lucas, director of Star Wars.


SEOUL, KOREA – 3D computer animated comedy film The Nut Job will hit US theaters next year. Korean-based 3D company Redrover said the Nut Job (a collaboration among ToonBox Entertainment, Redrover Co. and Gulfstream) will be showing at US theaters nationwide starting on January 17, 2014.

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