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Minnesota, USA –December 29, 2011 – Of all the ‘peace talks’ held around the world –particularly in the Asia region – it appears that there is more ‘talking’ than action to follow; the phrase “actions speak louder than words” rings in our ears.


Minnesota, USA –December 14, 2011 – We heard both sides of the story for shooter games; some say that ‘normal’ individuals who play will not act violently in real life while others say that it desensitizes individuals so they are more likely to do these activities in life.


Minnesota, USA –December 13, 2011 – For centuries, the use of censorship was as natural as breathing; although there is not a significant amount of censorship in the U.S. –at least when it comes to adult viewing materials –, it is still a tremendous issue.


Minnesota, USA –December 6, 2011 – After years of debate on whether a new domain should be created for pornographic websites, it arrived and anyone can purchase it for only $USD 60. Yet, there is still speculation on if it is a wise decision to segregate this from the rest of the internet sites.

Korean children
Minnesota, USA February 8 2011- After suffering from the reputation of being a country that stigmatizes those who do not meet its mold of 'normal', Korea makes a comeback by introducing an unique training program to its children.
Environment hero

There is no doubt that every day we are contaminating our environment with everything we own from plastic bottles to vehicles. Technology produced these products and for the most part in an unclean way. Does this mean that technology is a nightmare to our environment? At first glance, it would appear to be; however, we must further our insight and analyze the different ways technology interacts with the environment.


Kindle vs. iPad

Currently Apple is selling its iPad at the starting price of $499. As a small computing device, it has many features; however, it is cutting into the e-reading market through its iBooks feature.

A popular e-reader, Amazon's Kindle, is known for its thin book-like appearance and simple features. It has a current affordable price starting at $139. This device takes the experience of reading and cuts down on the bulk of the book.

Debate Discussions about the inevitability of phone and computer convergence have been ongoing for several years around the globe.  In Korea ICT usage in education was cited by Myung, Sook-Pang of KERIS (Korea Education and Research Information Service) in 2007 that usage of technology in schools in Korea was 99.6 percent.  It is fairly well accepted that convergence is the most likely path for computers and phones but it may be fruitful to raise questions about the difference between usage and usefulness.


The Dokdo (Takeshima by Japan) conflict has been ongoing and it strains the bilateral relations between Korea and Japan. Recently, Japan has left a soar taste for Koreans with their approved textbooks claiming Dokdo belongs to Japan. The book states that S. Korea illegally occupies the territory and is approved by the Japanese government. Therefore, S. Korea retaliated by playing a 30 second video at Times Square in New York showing Dokdo as a territory to S. Korea.


Greece is truly a fascinating country, with its exquisite beauty and long ancient history. However, it is not all sun, food, wine and vivacious nightlife in Greece. Today, due to a poor fiscal policy combined with a strong Euro has created a Greek tragedy and the country is tumbling further down the rabbit hole. In disparity, the Greek Prime Minister launched a diplomatic quest for concrete support from European leaders to ease the country's debt crisis.

Internet Censorship

The year was 1969, Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to walk on the moon, Woodstock, the first trial flight of the Concorde, Beatles perform their last public concert and something less celebrated, but defiantly arguably more significant, the birth of the Internet. The Internet is collection of network of networks, which there is no central computer that you are able to connect to.

Google vs. Baidu

The battle of search engines has been underway in China for quite some time. China's main search engine Baidu and it is the fourth biggest website in the world. It has a market value of US$3 billion, but is it able to keep up with Google. Google has accumulated 65 percent of the US search traffic. This made it the number one web site in the world, with 157 Million US visitors. It is a testing time for the Chinese as well.

In both scientific predictions and science fiction, the year 2010 is supposed to be a very significant year for technological progress. Something is supposed to change the way we live this year, whether it is flying cars, true artificial intelligence, or workable robotics. However, there is some doubt about whether or not we can truly see something interesting this year, or whether it is all just superstition related to a nice-looking number. What do you think? Will there be a revolutionary new technology this year?

Both India and China are growing, and that is nothing but good for Korea, who can export high-end technological goods to both countries until the cows come home. But which country will win in the never-ending race for a better economy? Will it be India, who is just now opening up its economy after half a decade of inward-looking policy? Or is it China, who beat India to the opening-up punch a few years ago but is also having problems in improving its own economic outlook? Will India eventually end up on top?

In the meeting called G20 and Overcoming the Global Financial Crisis in Asia this month, many of the panelists talked about Korea's next steps in becoming a first world nation.  Some said that Korea must conform to international standards of business before it can become successful. Others said that Korea has come as far as it has with all its quirks intact, and needs not change now.  What do you think?  Should Korea become more globalized, and hence more Westernized, before it becomes successful?

On the Internet, connections are king. If you web page is linked to by many other web pages, you can be considered an authority on one or more subjects. Some web site owners take this to an extreme and pay other web sites to link to their web site pages. Search engines frown up on this practice, because it interferes with an unbiased set of search results, which is what they are looking for. But web site owners often take advantage of this business proposition, because more traffic means more money, which offsets the risk of getting caught by the search engines.

Crystal ball

The Internet has grown and matured for more than twenty years now, and it cannot be denied that it has affected almost everyone on the planet. The Internet definitely does things to you, and does not leave you the same as you once were. But are these good things, or bad things? Has the Internet changed our lives for the better?


At the Korea Communication Conference this month, one issue that kept popping up during all the panel discussions was about the content. Each of the representatives of different aspects of broadcasting, telecoms, and media had very different views of the value of content.

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