Samsung is Seeking Towards the Vending Machine Business
Samsung is Seeking Towards the Vending Machine Business
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What business investment is Samsung having their eyes on Samsung is going to supply the monitors on ice cream vending machines for Unilever, the biggest ice cream manufacture in the U.S.

With this, Samsung's Ubiquitous Vending (U-Vending) solution business seems to begin in earnest. U-Vending is based on digital vending machine solution; the monitor is combined with camera, network systems and others.

Unilever will create smile-activated ice cream vending machines, which will be the world's first. When the motion doctors sense someone is close to the machine through its Samsung's monitor, it can recognize a person's smile and gender with its recognition technology. If the smile is wide enough, the person gets a free ice cream.

For Samsung, this is the second time they will supply monitors. Last August, they supplied monitors for the Coca Cola Company. They supplied 150 display monitors that were 46 inches to the Coca Cola Company.

Now Coca-Cola and Unilever are enlarging the installations of U-vending in America.

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