Hyundai Motor Says, No Domestic Semiconductor for the Car?
Hyundai Motor Says, No Domestic Semiconductor for the Car?
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  • 승인 2010.08.09 16:45
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It is known that Hyundai Motor Company does not use domestic semiconductors for their cars unlike other foreign automobile companies. This has become a topic of talk among industry people.

As the cars are getting more technologically advanced, the proportion of using semiconductors gets bigger and the usages for domestic semiconductors have increased. However, Hyundai Motor still depends on foreign imports of semiconductors for their manufactured cars.

Analysts within the industry assume it is because Korea's IT convergence technology that Korea has fallen behind compared to other advanced countries. Also, semiconductors for cars should be deeply involved starting in the design and development stages. Since Samsung entered the car business before, the cooperation between Samsung and Hyundai isn't very smooth.

At the same time, German automobile company BMW has joined hands with Infineon Techonolgy, which is a German semiconductor company that develops semiconductors and applications. Also, Toyota has become partners with Toshiba, unlike Hyundai.

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