South Korea and Mexico Have Become Good Partners
South Korea and Mexico Have Become Good Partners
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In the 1900's, there were many Koreans living on the Korean Peninsula who were seeking immigration in search of a better life. At that time, Korea was under Japanese rule, and life became a struggle for the Koreans. On February 28, 1905, 1,033 Koreans immigrated from Korea to Mexico. The Japanese sold these Koreans as slaves, and they were required to work as slaves when they arrived in Mexico. They left Incheon that day, and the journey to Mexico began. These people became the first generation of Korean immigrants in Mexico.

When they arrived, they started working in haciendas, which are also known as plantations. Some of these immigrants were sold again and were sent to either Guatemala or Cuba. Even though they were working as slaves, the Koreans created a school named Soongmoo School located in the Merida area of Mexico towards the end of 1910. Life was hard for these immigrants, but they persevered through many hardships.

This story was the beginning of Korean immigrants in Mexico. Now, over 100 years have passed, and many of those slave colonies no longer exist. However, we continue to remember these people for immigrating to foreign soil and enduring all the hardships they had to encounter. Currently, there are approximately 15,000 Korean people residing in Mexico.


Diplomatic relations with the world and Korea, which first began in 1960


In the present time, Mexico and Korea will work together in the G20 and APEC events to discuss many of the world's issues and to come up with solutions. Through the years, Korea and Mexico have promised to cooperate with each other. In accordance with that promise, these two countries have the potential to create a FTA to strengthen the current relationship. It is clear that both countries want to accomplish goals for their individual countries and to uphold the promises they made to each other.

Currently, both countries have many national problems that they have to face and handle. But that hasn't stopped them from working cooperatively with each other on politics, economics, cultures and other various topics so that they can interact and maintain a positive relationship with each other.

Between these two countries, there are many cultural differences. These countries are quite distant from each other geographically, but there seems to be no trouble in the relationship. However, Mexico also has relations with North Korea, which South Korea is technically in war with. But Mexico has made it clear that their relationship with South Korea is much more stronger.

Recently, politics, economics, and cultures have been diversifying between the two countries. They contend a true partnership with each other and their standards for each other are rising. There seems to also be a growing influence towards both countries. Ironically, Korea and Mexico share a common process of history. Both countries have been through colonialization, independence, war, dictatorship, more fighting, and then democratization in the same order. Those were events of the past, and now democratization and the strengthening of industries have become evident. Lots of time has passed, but the relationship is still in tact. The two countries have become brothers of hope and will cooperatively prepare for the future and for the good of both countries.

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