World Class Products: Netpia Inc.
World Class Products: Netpia Inc.
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Netpia Co. - ( -- The use of the internet should be easily accessible and the information should be used by everyone in the world. However, there are some people who have some troubles with the internet because they are unfamiliar with the English language. That is why Netpia has developed the Native Language Internet Address (NLIA), the Native Language Email Address (NLEA), and the Native Language Keyword Advertising (NLKA) technologies.

The NLIA technology allows users to choose a name that is easy to remember and use that name instead of writing down the domain name to enter a certain website. Instead of using Roman English letters with prefixes and suffixes, users can type meaningful words in their own language in the address bar to reach certain websites. This service is accessible for any internet browser and Netpia also offers services that help complement this technology. This service enables non-English speakers and those who are not familiar with the English language to access information on the internet more comfortably.

The other technology is the NLEA service, which provides the opportunity for users to create email addresses in their native language. This provides people with the opportunity to create an email address with their own words in their native language. The address only has two parts: the username and the NLIA. Users of this service can also send emails through the internet address bar.

The NLKA service provides a list of links of relevant websites based on the keyword entry that is inputed by the user. This provides users with a link of websites that are similar to the one they are currently looking at.

Netpia offers this language web address services in 80 different languages in those 95 countries. The NLIA technology has already been chosen by major internet providers, including the primary communication service providers in Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Lebanon, to provide native language web addresses and email services.

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