Silky Interior Designing with Kim's Silk
Silky Interior Designing with Kim's Silk
  • Daniel Ko
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A scene from a Korean drama with wallpaper from Kim

Founded in 1991, Kim's Silk ( is a manufacturing company that specializes in silk material and manufactures silk fabrics from yarns to finished products with the ISO 9001:2000 management system. Some of their products include fashion material such as neckties and scarfs, interior material such as curtains and beddings, and accessory materials such as shoes and backpacks. They have a production system which includes spinning, dyeing, weaving, designing, processing and finishing. Also, they have multiple patents within the field such as materials and processes.


A picture of BEXCO

The Silk Jacquard Wallpaper

As a product, the Silk Jacquard Wallpaper has many advantages. It is a well-being product that provides no negative effects on a person's health. The product has a natural humidifier as well as a natural flame retardancy. It is also good with heat conservation and is soundproof. Also, due to its softness, it provides a stable feeling when you touch it. Lastly, the product has a deep gloss and an elegant beauty.

This product has been recognized by the government and received a certificate as a NEP (New Excellent Product). Kim's Silk has been providing these custom-made silk textile wallpaper and material for many customers. Some places where their silk is present are in luxury construction sites, BEXCO and APEC summit hall in Narimaru. This silk wallpaper attachment and production technology are the solution for people who have problems with getting silky material on the wall using other products. By earning the NEP certificate, this silk wallpaper attachment became the first wallpaper product to ever be certified as a NEP.

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