The First Issue of ‘3D Research’ has been Published
The First Issue of ‘3D Research’ has been Published
  • Yeon Choul-woong
  • 승인 2010.08.23 16:51
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Kim Eun-soo, Editor--in-chief of the
The first issue of '3D Research', the world's first journal solely devoted to 3D, has been published. 3D Research is a global premium journal that covers all academic research on 3D, ranging from 3D cameras, displays, media contents and technologies related to standardization and certification to 3D broadcasting, movies, games, advertising, convergence technologies and systems.

The debut of the world's first 3D journal itself is of importance, but what merits more attention is that the editor-in-chef of the journal is Eun-Soo Kim (Korean), a professor at Kwangwoon University, located in Seoul. Professor Kim, well known as one of the world's most distinguished 3D experts, has been serving as Chairman of the International Workshop on 3D Information Technology (3DIT), an annual international workshop that has been attended by 3D experts from over 20 nations since 2004. Professor Kim is also heading up the International 3D Fair, which has been jointly hosted by Korea, China, Japan and the U.S. On the domestic front, the 3D Media Technology Workshop - Korea's first 3D workshop - has been held annually since 1998.

The editor-in-chief of the world's first 3D journal expressed his pleasure at making a contribution to the development of the global 3D industry through publishing 3D Research jointly with global publishing company Springer, stating "It is very meaningful to publish the first issue of 3D Research at a time when 3D technology has made a quantum leap in cameras, displays and contents technologies, and next-generation 3D information & communications and 3D convergence industries are rapidly growing."

What's more, on the editorial board of the journal are prominent 3D experts around the world, including MIT Professor C.Warde, Stanford Professor L.Hessellink, Professor M. Richardson at De Montfort University (the UK), Professor M. Nakazima at TIT (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Professor W. Osten at the University of Stuttgart (Germany), Professor T.Haung at Beijing University and Professor E. Brenner at Virge University (the Netherlands). Professor Kim explained that the global 3D craze, fueled greatly by the mega success of the movie "Avatar 3D" at the end of last year, is giving rise to a new industrial paradigm.

In particular, Korea has been playing a leading role in the global 3D industry since it unveiled its "Roadmap for the Development of the 3D Industry" on April 8th. Furthermore, with the upcoming G20 Seoul Summit in November, where the pilot run of 3D terrestrial broadcasting is scheduled to take place for the first time in the world, Professor Kim expected 3D Research would spearhead the systemic, academic development of next-generation 3D visual technology.

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