Choosing an Internet Browser that is Right for You
Choosing an Internet Browser that is Right for You
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Which Internet browser is right for you

There are billions of internet users worldwide, but how do they surf the internet In today's generation, there are many available browsers to choose from. There's Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari, just to name a few. People use them everyday for online shopping, communication, researching information, and online entertainment. Which browser people choose can change the way they interact on the internet. All of these browsers are free, so one should choose the one that is best suitable for them. Let's take a look at some of the more popular internet browsers that are used by people around the world.

Many internet browsers have been released in the past two years. These developers want to provide their users with a better experience while they are surfing the internet. In 2009, Internet Explorer 8, Chrome 2, Safari 4, Opera 10, Chrome 3, SeaMonkey 2, Camino 2, and Firefox 3.5 were all released. Many of these were upgraded versions of previous browsers and included many add-ons and extras. So far in 2010, the only new internet browsers are Firefox 3.6, Chrome 4, Opera 10.50, Chrome 5, and Safari 5.

Mozilla Firefox

As of July of 2010, Mozilla Firefox was the second most widely used browser with 22.91 percent of global internet users choosing Firefox as their browser, according to Net Applications. Mozilla Firefox has over 6,000 add-ons to customize and enhance one's internet experience. Some Firefox features include tabbed browsing, spell checking, live bookmarking, download manager, and private browsing. For example, tabbed browsing allows users to jump from site to site and open more than one website in the same browser window. Also, users are able to change the order of their tabs.

Firefox can be downloaded for free and all the add-ons are free as well. This is a user-friendly internet browser that is simple and easy-to-use. Mozilla Firefox 3.6, the newest version of Firefox, was released on January 21, 2010. New features for this new version include built-in support for toolbar skins, notification of out-of-date plugins, full-screen playback of Theora video, a more secure plug-in system, and many performance improvements. Overall, Mozilla Firefox has a strong feature set, good help/support, and fast speed and compatibility. The browser is quite simple and easy to use and is secure. It is a good program for all of its users, and especially useful for students or others who use the Internet for research.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an Internet browser that was developed by Google. As of July 2010, Google Chrome was the third most widely used browser with 7.16 percent of global internet users using Google Chrome as their browser, according to Net Applications.

As an Internet browser, Google Chrome has many easy-to-use features and tools.  Google Chrome has many unique tab features. You can drag tabs from the browser to make new windows, rearrange tabs, and even duplicate tabs. Each tab is run independently, so if one tab crashes, it won't close your whole internet browser session. Chrome features an Incognito mode, which means you can browse in private. This allows you to open sites and even download files without affecting your internet browsing history. Afterwards, your cookies and passwords are deleted after you close the incognito window. A user can have one browser window open in normal mode and another in incognito mode. Another feature is the anywhere drag and drop feature, which allows you to drag text or a link from anywhere on a web page and put it directly into your search bar. The latest version of Google Chrome is Google Chrome 5, which was released earlier this year.  However, beta versions of Google Chrome 6 have also been released.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a web browser that was developed by Microsoft. This has been the most widely used web browser since 1999. During 2002 and 2003, it reached a peak of about 95 percent usage share with Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Explorer 6. Due to the release of other new internet browsers, the popularity of Internet Explorer has declined. However, according to Net Applications, Internet Explorer was used by about 60.74 percent of all internet users in July of 2010. Currently, the latest version is Internet Explorer 8. As of right now, they are currently developing Internet Explorer 9 for release in the near future. The Internet Explorer 9 Public Beta will be launched on September 15, 2010.

Internet Explorer 8 has many special features. Using the Accelerators feature on Internet Explorer 8, a user can quickly perform browsing tasks without navigating to other websites. With this feature, simply highlight text from any webpage and then click on the blue Accelerator icon that appears above the selection to obtain driving directions, translate and define words, email content to others, search with ease, and more. Another feature is the Web Slice feature. Using this feature, you can keep up with updated sites directly from the Favorites Bar. When you add a website to your favorites bar using Web Slice, this feature will highlight the website when new and updated information appear on that website. All you have to do is click on that highlighted section, and it will take you to the website where you will find updated information. Lastly Internet Explorer 8 has improved their safety features. This browser protects you from malware and phishing, as well as other emerging threats.

There are other internet browsers that are used, but they are less popular compared to these top three. However, when one chooses an internet browser, they should research information about each browser and find out what fits best for them. This way, an internet browser can provide its users with the fastest, safest, and most convenient and effective internet browsing experience.

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