The Lab Management Era has Begun
The Lab Management Era has Begun
  • Chun Go-eun
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Kim Jeong-kwan, head of an energy resources department in the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE) said, "Government funds have been earmarked mostly for the R&D sector, and we are planning on increasing the budget.

Half of the budget in the new & renewable energy field has been used for research and development.

According to the MKE, the budget in the R&D sector of new & renewable energy itself was 1.326 billion won in 2007. This record has nearly doubled this year to 2.527 billion won. This signifies that government funds for supply chains due to Feed-In-Tariffs are now shifting more to back up research and development projects.

Kim continued, "It is no doubt that the government's investment in R&D projects plays a vital role in developing core technology, however, every investment must be made sure to give us the best outcome in return."

CEO Hwang-Eul-moon of Seoulin Bioscience

Triggered Lab Management Era with Backup Lock System

The government's investment plan, thus, is creating another Blue Ocean: a market that is forming based on the needs of a sophisticated backup system. Seoulin Bioscience Co. Ltd.  Seoulin, the first bio-related enterprise to be listed in KOSDAQ, has recently created an IT department within the company and launched its Backup Lock system.


This is significant to the lab management movement because the IT department of this Bioscience company allowed Seoulin to pilot the Backup Lock system within the company before it launched the product this year. Seoulin introduced the Backup Lock system this month for the first time in Korean history-a software that encourages workers to share ideas safely, backup system history records that can also be used to show real time progress report, and allows for efficient and safe sharing of lab reports amongst researchers.


"We are now in an era where we manage our laboratories." CEO Hwang of Seoulin Bioscience continued, "And that comes first from protecting the history of working progress. Backup Lock system is also ideal for enterprises and government buildings. For my own company, Backup Lock system has helped our clients to understand us better. Backup Lock system can function as a starting line to build relationship where both parties are winners."


Forming Lab Management Boosters


Brand new products relating to the fields of data storage and backup systems have showering the market this month.

On August 18, Quantum Korea presented two new tape library products with 60% extra memory and storage capacities. On the same day, Hansung SMB announced a network storage solution, VioSto, targeting the video surveillance equipment market.

On the next day, HP Korea announced an extended version of network storage (NAS) Solution, X9000.  HP merged with IBRIX, the software company, in July to prepare for this movement. Since this new product is compatible with cloud computing, the Vice President of the Asia-Pacific Storage Business Department stressed its future strategy and vision.

"The efficient management of research databases in laboratories and research institutes can help them to be highly competitive," said CEO Hwang.


Backup Lock


Seoulin Bioscience has just attained an exclusive right to offer a real-time backup system for research data, "Backup Lock".

Seoulin Bioscience has been able to solely distribute all domestic labs and research institutes the reasonably priced backup solution for the security of research data. The backup system market suggests astronomical profits. There are more than 100,000 labs and nearly 20,000 research institutes in Korea. Then there are government buildings and corporations who are in great need of a backup system.

Backup Lock was developed by GeneIn Corp., a professional security solution company with Dr. Kim Cheol-min as CEO, who is also a professor and director of Supercomputing Center at Pusan National University. Seoulin has been authorized to represent this system exclusively.

"Backup Lock is a system where you can back up and manage all your research data in real time, which enables your research data to be saved via network at the same moment of your record, and manages history of the data without having any management personnel to easily backup and restore the research data," Seoulin spokesman said.

The idea is simple: with a price of three computers, 10 computers can be connected to the main server and set to share a specific folder.


Backup Lock by Seoulin Bioscience Co. Ltd.

If any data is added to that folder as a file, backup records are automatically kept in the main server. Securing the history of the research process is crucial in a research environment.

Another strength is that all of the experiment process and outcomes of the research can be easily shared with all participants from a laboratory to the research director's desk.

Since "National R&D project management regulation" has been amended and brought into operation as of August 5, the Backup Lock system is projected to be widely used to manage all government supported R&D researches with high efficiency.

CEO Hwang  Eul-moon of Seoulin Bioscience said, "our company has been offering total solutions for all domestic laboratories and research institutes for 26 years. Keeping the accumulated claims from clients in mind, we are thrilled to finally offer the right solution at a reasonable price". He also added, "Our company is having a Renaissance period as a 'BIT' company, converging BT and IT. We intend to become a true pioneer as the total solution for the bio research field via launching of the 'Backup Lock' system."

There are approximately 100,000 laboratories and 20,000 research centers in Korea, and the efficient management of research data will be the key to their success. Seoulin's distribution of  the Backup Lock system will bring about competitiveness in lab management and research facilities, ultimately maximizing competitiveness in the whole R&D sector.

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