Google Has Introduced Google Instant
Google Has Introduced Google Instant
  • Daniel Ko
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Google, the most used search engine, has introduced Google Instant, which suggests results while the user is typing. As a user is enters the subject in the search box, Google Instant displays a list of suggested pages which is updated with every key stroke. If a user sees the site they are looking for on the list of suggestions, they don't even have to finish typing or hit the "enter" key. If you find this feature to be distracting, it can be disabled.

Initially Google Instant will work on most popular browsers, including Chrome (versions 5 and 6), Firefox (version 3), Safari (version 5), and Internet Explorer (version 8). This feature will provide fast and efficient web searching and was designed have minimal impact on the speed of the computer. This feature will provide convenience for it's users because it "anticipates" what the user is searching for. Even though it may not be completely accurate, it was designed to provide suggested results that are most likely to be chosen.

According to Experian, an analytics company, Google was responsible for 71 percent of all Web searches in the month of July. Yahoo was ranked second with 14 percent and Microsoft's Bing was ranked third with just under 10 percent. With this new feature, it seems that Google will be able to maintain that broad lead in the popularity of search engines.

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