Business leaders need to ‘buy-in’ to enterprise architecture
Business leaders need to ‘buy-in’ to enterprise architecture
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Melbourne, 22nd September 2010. A lack of 'buy-in' by business leaders is preventing enterprise architecture from delivering results for their organisation, according to Ovum.

A survey done by the independent technology analyst revealed that three quarters of businesses are using the enterprise architecture approach, but few have seen the full benefits.

According to Ovum, there is still a lack of 'buy-in' about the total benefits of enterprise architecture at a senior level in most businesses.

Mark Blowers, an Ovum lead analyst, believes that IT departments are successfully exploiting the approach, but until it also becomes an integral part of business decision making, its potential will not be realised.

He said: "Our survey revealed that there is still some way to go before an architectural approach is relevant outside of the IT function for many organisations. For enterprise architecture to be effective, it also needs to be an integral component of business decision making.

"There needs to be complete buy-in across the entire organisation, and at the highest level. There has to be a fundamental belief in architecture, which can only come from the prime strategists within the organisation.

"This is about having board level understanding of the total possibilities of architecture."

According to Blowers, for enterprise architecture to work, there must be a strong link between the business and technical parts of an organisation.

He added: "It is now time for enterprise architecture to take a lead role in both business change and IT service delivery."

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