New Energy Technologies aims to turn windows into solar panels
New Energy Technologies aims to turn windows into solar panels
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A Maryland-based firm has developed a technology that it says can turn windows into solar panels. New Energy Technologies says that its new SolarWindow product can be directly sprayed on to windows at room temperature to turn them into solar energy generators. 

Currently in the prototype stage, it has been demonstrated powering LED lights and the blades of a small model helicopter from the energy generated, say executives. 

The product adheres to glass while keeping it transparent, according to the company, which says that it can generate electrical current and voltage from artificial light in addition to sunlight. This makes it suitable for generating electricity from the fluorescent lights found in offices, New Energy Technologies said in a statement. 

"Engineers modeling a 40-story building, similar to Tampas landmark 100 North Tampa, estimate annual cost-savings of $40,000 to $70,000 when installing New Energy's SolarWindow to exposed window facades," said the firm in a statement on Monday. "In contrast, mounting todays popular poly-crystalline silicon modules on the rooftop produces only $20,000 in energy savings per year. " 

Following a public demonstration of the technology, the company plans to publish comprehensive performance data based on independent, third-party measurement and engineering tests. 

John A Conklin, president and chief executive at the company, said the product was only a few steps away from a full commercial launch. "Im eager to aggressively advance this technology towards commercial prototyping in preparation for eventual full-scale production to capitalise on our market of more than five million commercial buildings and 80 million detached homes in America," he said. 

New Energy Technologies is developing a reputation for outlandish renewable energy projects. It is also developing a product called MotionPower, which would harvest the kinetic energy from vehicles as they passed over it.


source: APEC-VC Korea

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