Seoul Motor Show 2009 Make Green Holler
Seoul Motor Show 2009 Make Green Holler
  • Chun Go-eun
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May the green be with us. If Yoda from Star Wars still hopes the force to be with the fighters in 2009, he is far behind. The fighting spirits of the automotive companies are reflected through the vision of environmentally-friendly and ecofriendly cars at Seoul Motor Show 2009.

As clean, eco-friendly, energy saving cars are the newly welcomed trend-cumobsession of the global automotive industry, the Seoul Motor Show 2009 exhibits many hybrid cars presented by Korean automobile manufacturers including Hyundai Motor Company, KIA Motors, GM Daewoo, and SsangYong Motor and Japanese automobiles manufacturers Toyota and Honda. The hybrid cars are being promoted in the show floor with the catchy phrase Blue Driving. Indeed, the blue driving community is just around the corner. The exhibited hybrid cars on the show floor are already under production or set to be manufactured. This prelude to the competition in the hybrid market is the zest that makes the show all the more special and compelling.

With a total of 23 premiere models at Seoul Motor Show 2009, there are 9 world premiere models that reveal the reserved strength of the Korean automotive industry, reinforcing research and development even during the economic downturn. Many of the new models are eco-friendly, highly efficient, economic, energy saving cars: hybrid cars, fuel cell cars, and electric cars. These new models are expected to be the leaders of the Green Car Movement.

It's On, says Hybrid

The Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid electric vehicle
The Kia Forte LPi Hybrid
Hyundai Motor exhibits a mass of ecofriendly cars starting with its Avante LPi Hybrid and on to the Santa Fe Hybrid, Verna Hybrid, Click Hybrid, and Tuscon Fuel Cell Electronic Vehicle. The Avante LPi Hybrid is set to be manufactured later this year. Kia Motors exhibits its Forte LPi Hybrid, Mohave Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV), Soul Hybrid, and cee'd Hybrid. GM Daewoo presents its Chevrolet Equinox, a hydrogen fuel electric car that exhausts steam without air pollutant materials,since it does not use oil for fuel. SsangYong Motor shows its Kyron diesel hybrid car and diesel hybrid technology bare chassis. Hyundai Motor Commercial has Green, too. The Fuel Cell Bus is its impetus. CT&T exhibits electric cars. A total of 7 eco-friendly models suggest alternative options to drive around the neighborhood without polluting the air. Some of their models include the e-Zone and e-Zone FCHEV.
The Kia eco_cee
Toyota presents the world's first hybrid Hybrid is expected to be launched in the Korean market in the second half of 2009. Toyota is also boasting of its technology and promoting public awareness of the hybrid car system by displaying a cutbodied Prius. Lexus prepared a separate hybrid zone to exhibit its hybrid line-up including the premium cross-over sedan RX450h, flagship model LS600hL, and luxury sports sedan GS450h, along with the official launching of the RX450h. A GS450h Cutaway is also displayed in the zone. Honda shows its Insight, which has been loved for its impressive fuel efficiency and reasonable price since its launch in February. Both the Civic Hybrid and CRZ, a hybrid sports concept car, appear in its booth as well.


Auto Parts Bring Their A Game, Too

The wave of the Green Car Movement has hit auto parts as well. Bridgestone Tire is unveiling its eco-friendly tire Ecopia EP100 in the Korean market for the first time. Ecopia 100 has successfully demonstrated the eco-friendly technique of Green Tires and has decreased rolling resistance by 30%, increasing fuel efficiency.

Mando Corporation has set up a Green Zone in the booth to display auto parts for hybrid and fuel cell cars. Doowon Climate Control Co., Ltd. has set an exhibition booth under the concept of Hightech Doowon with the future and the environment, to promote its clean image as well.

Halla Climate control exhibits its hybrid air-conditioning systems: the next generation eco-friendly climate control technology, carbon dioxide refrigerant system, and other climate control technologies that improve energy efficiency while reducing the weight of the products. In the new technology exhibition hall, climate controlling technology applications for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs), carbon dioxide refrigerant systems and compact heat exchangers that achieve high energy efficiency and help prevent global warming, are set to be displayed. Especially, the compact and thin heat exchangers ensure a more spacious vehicle and an electrical compressor air conditioning system for HEVs reduces air-cooling time by up to 20%, showing the new technology trend of eco-friendly and high efficiency while satisfying the needs of customers.


The Green Car Movement shows us the future at Seoul Motor Show 2009. May the Green be with you.

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