Boom in wholesale telecoms market is in the cloud
Boom in wholesale telecoms market is in the cloud
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Melbourne - 5th October 2010 - Increasing demand for cloud-based services is driving a boom in the wholesale telecoms market, according to Ovum.

In a new report*, the independent telecoms analyst claims that wholesale telecoms providers are set to benefit from growing  consumer and business demand for cloud-based services, provided by a new breed of enterprise.

Paris Burstyn, report author and Ovum analyst, said: "A growing number of companies that serve businesses and consumers feed the demand for the cloud. They purchase telecoms services on the scale of small-to-medium carriers from wholesale telecoms carriers.

"This means wholesalers are poised to experience a boom because as these intermediary companies experience increasing demand for their products and services, wholesale telecoms suppliers have the opportunity to grow with them.

"There are also new intermediary companies constantly emerging. As businesses and consumers demand a wider range of cloud services and become more reliant on them, new companies emerge to meet their needs. Together this means that wholesale telecoms revenues will experience growth over the next few years.

"But wholesale telecoms service providers must take advantage of this growth and invest in human and technological resources to capture the new business."

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