Ford Seeks to Change Image
Ford Seeks to Change Image
  • Matthew Weigand
  • 승인 2009.04.09 15:08
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Ford is trying out a look here at this year's Seoul Motor Show. David Westerman, Ford's Regional Manager for Asia Pacific Export & Growth Operations, said that “Ford is seeking to promote a more eco-friendly, green image.” The company emphasized it with a unique magic show. Afterwards, Mr. Westerman unveiled the new Taurus, Lincoln, and Mustang in Ford's lineup for the next year. The company included baseball pitcher Bong Jung-keun, actor Lee Seong-jae and talent Park Yong-ha in promoting the new cars for this year. Unfortunately, unlike some other car brands, Ford is not showing any hybrid or electric-powered vehicles despite their magical Green emphasis.

On opening day Ms. Kathleen Stephens, US Ambassador to Korea, stopped by the Ford booth in order to show the US government's support for the company. She said that the US government would show undying support for Ford Korea, to which officials responded that they would greatly appreciate the support in creating Ford's new image in Korea.

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