Affordable, Cheap Electric Cars are Here! Really this time!
Affordable, Cheap Electric Cars are Here! Really this time!
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You will soon be able to drive this electric car through the streets of Seoul
Recently people have started wanting all the latest high-tech goods to incorporate IT, and for good reason, because IT has become an almost essential part of every industry. Of course, the Green car industry needs IT too. This field has been developing electric cars and smart Green cars which incorporate IT. CT&T cooperated with KAIST to develop hydrogen fuel-cell hybrid electric car systems and Multi-Energy Hybrid Electric Vehicles (ME-HEVs), and now they are applying for a patent. Last February, they succeeded in a rehearsal of an On Line Electric Vehicle, which runs with electricity collected from devices put on the road. Also, the group started a test trial from Jeju Island to each city. We achieved the government's goal - developing innovative electric cars.

The Role of CT&T in the Global Electric Car Field

CT%26T is developing vehicles in cooperation with Korea Post
Traffic cops can soon have an easier time of it
Each government tries to reduce pollution by supporting the Green car industry because internal combustion engines give off exhaust gas which pollutes the air and causes global warming. The US and Europe have already used various electric cars such as the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) and Low Speed Vehicle (LSV). Thus, if a country doesn't have Green car technology, it will fall behind in the automobile industry.

Korea is completely dependent on oil imports, so the country should not only make fuel-efficient cars but also develop electric vehicles. Fortunately, the Korean government set a goal - Low Carbon, Green Growth - and supports these endeavors. Electric cars are the most suitable for achieving the goal because they can be commercialized almost immediately. Also, they are different from hybrid cars, which have been developed competitively by many advanced countries. Korea should make unique electric car technologies first, which will help the country to catch up with other advanced countries. In addition, it will help Korean economy, because electric cars can bypass other countries' environmental regulations and free Korea from the economic bondage caused by changing oil prices. Therefore, the country should continue developing new products, secure core technology about electric cars, and make the global standard of electric cars to lead the world market.

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