MySpace's Last Attempt
MySpace's Last Attempt
  • Natasha Willhite
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After News corp. acquired MySpace in 2005, Facebook came on to the scene and took many of its users. It was left with just a little over 1/3 the amount of Facebook. In a last attempt to gain business, MySpace has joined up with Facebook and other social networking sites by enabling a feature that allows users to sync any of these accounts. However, the aim for MySpace has changed; it was redesigned to be the link for users to access any of their entertainment 'likes'.


What's the name of this latest feature "Mash up with Facebook" This feature is convenient for the crowd who wishes to try out MySpace for the first time or try it out again after leaving it in the past. There is not the mess of setting up a new profile or updating a past account. The site stated, ""Users can visit and click on the Mashup with Facebook button to begin. In just a few simple steps, a basic Myspace profile is created and users can immediately begin building their personal profile based on information they've listed in their Facebook profile."

In the past, MySpace was known for its flashy options on profile design. However, many left the site for this reason. It was difficult to read sometimes. MySpace will still offer flexibility in the design but the generic profile it creates resembles the clean and neat setup like most users who switched to Facebook would prefer. This is a smart action for MySpace that could get users coming back to experience more.

In addition, MySpace has also followed Facebook by adding what is comparable to the mobile feature. Instead of accessing the profile directly on a phone browser, it allows users to send a text message to make status updates on their profiles. The future of MySpace and this new feature remain unclear; although MySpace remains optimistic in proclaiming, ""Mobile is the future," Jones says. "I need my people thinking how MySpace fits in that future."Mobile is the future. I need my people thinking how MySpace fits in that future.""Mobile is the future," Jones says. "I need my people thinking how MySpace fits in that future."

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