Popular Mobile Game Coming to Game Consoles
Popular Mobile Game Coming to Game Consoles
  • Daniel Ko
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"Angry Birds" is one of the most successful mobile games in history, and now the game will be coming out on the traditional game console. The game is currently being worked on by the company Rovio, which owns the popular iPhone and Android mobile game. Currently, the report is that the game will be coming out next year for the Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3.

Rovio is not only working on creating "Angry Birds" for game consoles, but they are also working on "Angry Birds 2." However, this second version of the game isn't going to be a sequel to the first one. Rather, it will be a completely new game featuring angry birds and evil pigs. In this game, there will be a lot more pigs than the previous versions of the games. The release date for "Angry Birds 2" hasn't been revealed yet.

"Angry Birds" on the mobile phone is a game in which the user slingshots the birds with a certain trajectory so that the bird hits the pigs. Once all the pigs are hit, you finish the level. In the upcoming releases of the game, there will be more activity from the pigs, making the game more challenging and exciting. In the current "Angry Birds" game, the pigs stay idle while the user slingshots angry birds at them.

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