Apple Buys Piece of Land From Hewlett-Packard
Apple Buys Piece of Land From Hewlett-Packard
  • Daniel Ko
  • 승인 2010.11.27 07:51
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Apple has bought a new piece of land that is only a five minute drive from their Apple headquarters. This piece of land has been owned by Hewlett-Packard for decades, but they have sold it to Apple. This piece of land located in Cupertino, CA has been Hewlett-Packard's campus for decades.
This new location for Apple is only a five minute drive from their headquarters, and has a 98-acre parcel of land. This land will be used for housing Apple's workforce. Apple now owns 57 buildings in Cupertino, and this newly acquired land now adds to the housing space Apple employee's can enjoy.
There is no word on how much Apple paid Hewlett-Packard to acquire this piece of land, but real estate experts estimate that it may have been an estimated value of 300 million USD or more.
This is a huge acquisition for Apple, who are expanding their workforce as the market for iOS devices is expanding as well.

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