Evaluation of IT 2010
Evaluation of IT 2010
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IT 2010

It was roughly the end of last year when Apple's iPhone was brought to the domestic market and fanned a smartphone craze, bringing about a new 'mobile revolution' to an industry hungry for something fresh.

As the result, telecommunication firms started changing their growth engines from wireless/wired communications services to convergence and mobile businesses and developing bases for them.

This mobile revolution is expected to earnestly bring about a new age of convergence.

'All in' to escape stagnation

The telecommunications industry, who is 'all in' to look for a new growth power following the wireless/wired communication market stagnation has concentrated on developing a new business model for this year.

KT has aggressively searched for convergence services with other industries using telecommunication services as a basis.

As a result they were able to secure 1,700 cases of proceedings in all areas of the 'smart 6' industry customer growth strategy.

They are expected to easily achieve their sales goal of 3.6 billion won in each area of industry, middle sized companies, public, building, space and green services.

SK Telecom has earnestly started their new growth propellant 'Industry Productivity Enlargement' project.

Currently over 30 IPE projects are in functional orbit, and there results are expected to be visible by the end of the year.

SK Telecom is backing IPE projects in the education service platform, mobile office, middle mobile work solutions, healthcare service platforms, smartbranch, total marketing and M2M.

LG U+ has set their goal to build the basis to start their 'ascension from telecommunication strategy'.

They have proclaimed dominance over the wireless internet market through the world's largest ACN (AP Centric Network) infrastructure construction.

They have begun plans to develop 100Mbps Wi-Fi infrastructure as well as 4G Long Term Evolution prematurely.

Due to the rapid growth of the smartphone market, telecommunication companies are firing up their mobile related businesses such as mobile office and smart work.

KT, SK Telecom and LG U+ has changed their new growth engine to 'company management' and started an aggressive development of mobile business models such as mobile offices, smart walk and mobile advertisements and is achieving some degree of success.

The smartphone age starts

The smartphone craze was initiated by the iPhone and has infected over 6,000,000 smartphone subscribers. By the end of the year over 7,000,000 people are expected to switch over to smartphones while next year the number should increase to 20,000,000.

While the numbers of domestic smartphone users were smaller last year at 840,000, there was an eightfold growth to 6,260,000 last month. By company, the numbers were 3,400,000 for SK Telecom, 2,400,000 KT and 460,000 for LG U+.

Communication firms fought a fierce fight while releasing various smartphones in competition to affirm smartphone users who have a higher ARPU than conventional cell phones.

In addition, as the smartphone craze was growing, communications firms expanded their wireless web to improve competitiveness.

Currently KT has the most Wi-Fi zones as with 42,000, 10,000 and LG U+ has installed 5,000.

In addition SK Telecom and KT has provided a free wireless information center without 3G once the smartphone user presses the key at the door.

The tablet PC market has been ardently distributed since last night and also provided grounds for growth in the mobile industry.

One industry official stated that "If this year was the year for developing new goals of convergence services and mobile business, next year will be the year of using them and escaping from growth stagnation."

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