The New Art of Discovery
The New Art of Discovery
  • Natasha Willhite
  • 승인 2011.01.04 16:05
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For those who heard people say that they would never achieve anything extraordinary in front of a computer screen, a new hope has arrived! A man, Peter Jalowiczor, claims that over the period of three years, he discovered four planets only through using two computers.

A highly educated man, Jalowiczor, has been fascinated by astronomy. He used the knowledge he gained to analyze the motion of stars to indicate possible planets that cannot be seen by a telescope or spacecraft. He used Doppler spectroscopy in order to locate these planets.

After realizing what could be discovered with just a couple computers, the possibilities are open and wide. Will we discover something about the body without opening it up Can we find signs of life on another planet without physically going there to search for it It is up to us to take our technology and combine it with our knowledge to find something great and better for mankind. Who would not want a star named after him or her It is up to you!

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