New Korea Post President Promises Return to Glorious Past
New Korea Post President Promises Return to Glorious Past
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Nam-gung Min, president of the Korea Post
Nam-gung Min, the former Director General for Electronics & IT Industries of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, has become the President of the Korea Post.

The Korea Post is a huge organization with forty-three thousand public officials and three thousand seven hundred post offices all around Korea.  Through them, it offers postal services and financial services. Also, it holds over 60 trillion won [US$45 billion] in deposit and insurance assets. Nam-hung announced: “As a national agency, the Korea Post will find its niche for overcoming the economic crisis and creating green growth, and then do its best to overcome.”

His statement is understood to mean that he is going to use the biggest public agency – Korea Post - as an engine to overcome the national crisis.

Nam-gong said in his inauguration: “The post service is in the middle of an unprecedented global economic crisis. We should strengthen our growth base by improving management systems to be more efficient to enhance the revenue structure by developing new services. Also, we will make cooperative labor-management relations, and settle into a desirable labor-management culture. I am going to make this an exciting workplace.”

On the other hand, the new president started his tenure in April 13. His first work was visiting monuments in the Knowledge Economy Officials Training Institute at Cheonan. The monuments are for some people who died doing their duty.

Since 1982, the Korea Post has set up monuments for victims who died at their post. Until now, there are 332 people whose names are on the monuments. The president said: “If we cared more about workers’ health and safety, we would develop more. I will do my best to prevent any accidents during my tenure.”

He continued by saying: “Thanks to those victims the Korea Post can survive lots of difficulties for 125 years and get to this point. I cherish the memory of the victims and their sacrifices. Workers who are working in the Korea Post have supported each other emotionally and sacrificed for each other; we are like a family. I will cherish that.”

He invited his mother and his mother-in-law to his inaugural ceremony, held in the grand meeting room on the 10th floor of the Korea Post building. Through this, he showed his willingness to make the atmosphere of the Korea Post like a home and like a family.

He said: “If you want to make your workplace like a home, you shouldn’t go bossing everyone around; you should help your coworkers. Especially you should take care of yourself, keep your health and safety for your own family. And if someone tries to use connections for promotion, even though he doesn’t have the ability, the person doesn’t deserve to be in our family.”

In addition, he added: “I will recover the past glorious tradition – people were envious of becoming our family members.”

Nam-gung Min was born in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do.  He graduated from the College of Law of Seoul National University.  After he passed the 24th state examination, he started his career as a public official. He has held other important positions. He is friendly, good at getting along with his coworkers, and he has a positive drive. He gains prestige with his good character. He is also an all-round athlete, enjoying running marathons and playing tennis.

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