3D films, the Theater for the International Stage
3D films, the Theater for the International Stage
  • Natasha Willhite
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Jack Rapke, an American film producer and Founder and Partner of ImageMovers (IMD)

Entirely focused on 3D filming and development, Jack Rapke, Founder and Partner of ImageMovers (IMD), demonstrated his unique vision at the 3D International Fair Press Conference on January 13, 2011. In Rapke's eyes, 3D movie production is not the challenge of creating, but rather finding the stories that are worthy of the 3D experience as well as containing internationally accepted content. For a 3D film to be successful, it needs to reach all parts of the world and every culture. ".. profit [is] worldwide focused, not only U.S. based," remarked Rapke.

3D production is unique in IMD as it is primarily focused on 3D filming and not 2D to 3D conversion. "There is no converting. The story is already preconceived as 3D even before filming starts," mentioned Rapke. To create a 3D film, IMD evaluates a story on whether it is 3D worthy. For it to satisfy this, the story line must contain 3D expectation. In addition, the high production costs must not outweigh the artistic benefits.

"3D enhances the theatrical experience," stated Rapke. He envisions the story lines that could be put on a stage as the best films to produce in 3D. It can be seen in the movies such as The Christmas Carol and Beowulf as well as the popular Polar Express that were produced by IMD. Rapke explained the improvement seen in 3D films is due to the collaboration and cooperation of 3D producers around the world. "We learn from each other. We go to each other's sets so that we can evolve the 3D experience and add to the 3D thrill."

Rapke hopes that the 'after-product', also known as home theater, will continue to develop to support the 3D films being produced. Although, he also mentioned, "Not all movies should be 3D movies." Basically, he does not promote 3D film production simply since it is possible to produce any movie in 3D. Comically he remarked, "I do not recommend 'The Godfather' in 3D."

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