KISA places Top Priority on Prevention of Internet Infringement
KISA places Top Priority on Prevention of Internet Infringement
  • Yeon Choul-woong
  • 승인 2011.01.17 09:18
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Suh Jong-ryeol, CEO of KISA

Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) will place high priority of its 2011 business projects on prevention of Internet abuse and network violations, and as well as protection of private information, a top executive of KISA said.

"With the rapid spread of smartphones, wireless Internet environment has been activating and social network services are expanding at a fast pace. As the smart service environment is changing rapidly, Internet infringement threats and personal information infringement are becoming more diversified and complicated than before," said Suh Jong-ryeol (, CEO of KISA, said.

Suh said that the most fundamental and important social responsibility and role of KISA in the smart era is to effectively cope with Internet infringement and protect private information.

"KISA will recheck Internet processes and work to put in proper steps to prevent and cope with Internet abuse and network violations. At the same time, we will take an attitude to consider users' position in the social network service environment in a bid to provide users with better Internet climate," he said.

Pan-national Internet culture campaign

"Secondly, we will actively push ahead with a pan-national Internet culture campaign this year to create a sound Internet ethics culture," said the KISA chief.

"Up until now, the Internet ethics campaign has been carried out as a one-time event. However, we will systematically expand the Internet ethics movement in the future to hand over beautiful digital cultural heritage to our descendants," Suh said.

He said, "In particular, we will make a strong push for the pan-national Internet culture campaign under the close cooperation with the government, private portal firms, Internet service providers (ISPs) and broadcasters. Related to this, we will actively propel the campaign by making the use of logo songs and characters familiar with people's sentiment."

Noting that KISA will be armed with an advanced system to become one of the world's top-class Internet-specialized institutions, Suh said, "In line with this, we will persistently upgrade a system to effectively cope with the new environment such as smartphones and iPads to prevent Internet infringement."

The KISA head also noted, "We will systematically foster experts and establish a creative and innovative institution armed with vigorous manpower. Related to this, we will activate personnel and information exchanges with leading global institutions to strengthen KISA staff members.

"Along with this, we will build a creative and vigorous organization culture through the introduction of a recommendation system (e-mail or letter), while providing the staff with proper incentives according to business performance. We will also actively push for policies and technology development businesses this year," he said.

Creation of right Internet culture

Asked about the KISA's strategy to establish the right Internet culture, Suh said, "If we slander and swear others in the offline world, it becomes a problem. However, in the online world, it is too generous. Accordingly, groundless rumors are being spread at a rapid pace in the online world. However, we should bear in mind that ethics is more important in the online world than in the offline."

The KISA chief said, "In 2011, KISA will stage a pan-national Internet ethics campaign in an innovative method. For instance, KISA, along with portal companies and ISPs, will carry out a large-scale campaign to create a beautiful Internet world every year. The campaign reflects the KISA's social role and epochal mission."

Commenting that KISA plans to make Korea the country of courteous people in the East, Suh said, "As we took over the cultural heritage from our ancestors, we should hand over valuable digital ethics cultural heritage to our descendants. Along with this, we will develop a fresh policy through social, psychological and philosophical approaches and studies to prevent Internet defamation cases such as the hip hop singer Tablo case from being occurred again."

Twelve Internet users were indicted in January of this year for disseminating libelous disinformation questioning the academic achievements and school records of Tablo through an online café.

Expansion of infrastructure for international cooperation

Saying that KISA is an institution in charge of international cooperation in broadcasting communication, Suh stressed, "We will push for real and effective international cooperation projects this year to enhance the satisfaction degree of corporate customers. For instance, we will organize broadcasting communication-related international conferences, road shows and events. In particular, we will organize consultation meetings for technology introduction and exports to meet Korean enterprises' needs.

"KISA will also expand infrastructure for international cooperation by holding such events as training programs for Internet-related officials of developing countries, consultation meetings and cooperative projects with global organizations. By implementing various projects, I will inject synergy effects and vitality into international cooperative activities of KISA in Internet, information protection and broadcasting & communication sectors."

KISA will organize the 12th Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT) general meeting in Korea in November of this year. About 300 guests, including communication-related ministers and vice ministers, from 40 APT member countries, are to participate in the global event to make decisions on such pending issues as conclusion of budgets and selection of new secretary general.

"KISA will exert its best efforts to enhance Korea's status in the global community and help Korean experts be selected as secretary general or high-ranking officials of APT in the upcoming event," he added.

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