Will Shim Hyung-rae Make it This Time in Hollywood?
Will Shim Hyung-rae Make it This Time in Hollywood?
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Shim Hyung-rae stars in The Last Godfather

Once again, Shim Hyung-rae, a movie director and former comedian is trying to conquer the movie industry in America. His latest movie, "The Last Godfather" is going to be released on April 1st in 12 cities across the U.S. An official from the company announced that they recently signed MOU agreements with famous movie distributors in the U.S. including Road Attractions LLC, which is a subsidiary of LionsGate.

This is not the first time for Mr.Shim to knock on Hollywood’s door. He’s the guy who gave us CG Korean dragons and other assorted creatures rampaging across Los Angeles in “D-War”, however it did not do well. So we will have to wait and see whether he can make it this time or not.

The movie, 'The Last Godfather' is about a mafia boss who trains his mentally impaired son as his successor. The movie co-stars Harvey Keitel who plays a mob boss and Mr. Shim plays the son, Younggu.

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