LG to Unveil its Latest Digital Signage Technology at ISE 2011
LG to Unveil its Latest Digital Signage Technology at ISE 2011
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Amsterdam, Jan. 31, 2011 - LG Electronics (LG) is to showcase its latest business solutions - including digital signage, hotel TV solution, and video conference system - at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2011 show in Amsterdam from February 1 through 3.

LG will be demonstrating all its business solutions through simulations of real-life settings in a "resort" concept of booth with various services on offer. Moving through the booth, a narrative will unfold, leading visitors from a hotel lobby to a guest room, a business conference room, a retail shop, a subway station, a pharmacy, an airport and a theater.

"We're looking forward to showing how effective our digital signage products and business solutions are when it comes to delivering real, tangible benefits for businesses and their customers," said Kim Jin-yong , Senior Vice President of LG Commercial Display & Security Division,. "By using these recreations of everyday scenes, our customers will know exactly how these solutions can work for them in their daily lives."

Entering to Digital Signage Gallery

From the main entrance of LG's booth through to its Hotel Lobby Zone, visitors can experience a range of LG's digital displays, which will be a key part of the company's ISE showcase. Both the information at the reception desk and the art gallery in the Hotel Lobby Zone will be showing on LG's digital displays.

At the entrance and hotel lobby sections of LG's booth, two of the company's cutting-edge touch displays (models M4716T and M4214T) that are highly effective in any interior, will also be on show. With an industry-leading response time of 13.5ms, the M4716T can provide quick, easily controlled information that includes 3D imaging, making it ideal for outlets such as car dealerships.

At the digital art gallery in the hotel lobby, visitors can enjoy media art installations on LG displays such as the 72-inch LED, 65-inch LCD and narrow bezel models. The narrow bezel models boast 700cd brightness and Full-HD picture quality, providing the perfect platform for showing off these works of art.

From Shopping to Transportation

Visitors can also experience various displays at the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) and Retail Shop Zone in LG's booth.

LG's Shine-Out Display, used in the shop window of the Retail Shop Zone, is ideal both for indoor and outdoor settings. By minimizing reflection from bright lights - such as sunlight - the Shine-Out Display is the perfect signage for shops and malls everywhere. Visitors will also be able to see the unique content management tool for LG's displays in the Retail Shop Zone. With LG SuperSign, LG's digital signage solution, sign operators can control and manage a vast amount of information from a single source.

LG EzSign TV, an easy-to-operate signage solution that works without any additional media players, will be on show at the bar in the Hotel Lobby Zone. LG EzSign TV is a cost-effective signage solution that can be run on LG's Pro:Centric platform-based TV using a simple application. It's easy to install and operate via a USB playback solution, and offers a free template that customers can use to edit content on their PC for viewing on their TVs.

Additionally, LG's M3801S stretched monitor, on display at the Transportation Facility Zone, delivers an extremely effective solution for airports, subway stations, bus stop or any other businesses that need wide displays but don't have much space. The stretched monitors are ideal as platforms for advertising, or for providing passengers with useful information such as timetables.

Perfect Hotel TV and Video Conference Systems in the Hotel Zone

In the booth's Hotel Room Zone, LG will also be showcasing its advanced, integrated Hotel TV solutions customized to different types of hotel. LG's Pro:Centric-based Hotel TV Solutions deliver state-of-the-art interactive functions at unbeatable costs.

In addition, LG will be unveiling two types of Video Conference System (VCS) in the Conference Room Zone, where visitors will have the opportunity for hands-on demos. The all-in-one desk type VCS features vivid screens and easy interfaces, while the room-type VCS boasts outstanding connectivity.

LG's 65-inch LCD IWB and 60-inch PDP IWB, the ideal displays for business presentations and conferences, will also be on display in the conference room.

Experience Super Narrow Bezel in the Theater Zone

LG will unveil the perfect video wall solution, the 47WV30, 47-inch LED super narrow bezel monitor display, in the Theater Zone. With a central focus on delivering benefits to users, the 47WV30 provides industry-leading picture quality. A 6.9mm seam size, the slimmest on any 40- to 49-inch display, means the 47WV30 can connect to other displays for a clearer, more expansive picture. In addition, a special "shine-out film" means the 47WV30 will be able to display crystal clear images outdoors, even in brightness as high as 4,000 lux.

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