Dong IL Technology Uses Their Own Technology to Innovate
Dong IL Technology Uses Their Own Technology to Innovate
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Static electricity remover

Dong Il Technology (DIT), leader in EMI/EMC solutions, has recently released an innovative static electricity remover. ESD IONIZER (MB-L Series, Laminar Flow Type), a space static electricity remover, was developed using DIT's ceramic technology, to get rid of static electricity in clean rooms, where semiconductors or LCD devices are manufactured. This device removes static electricity without using compressed air, and by variable frequency at which ions are generated, based on the pulsed AC corona ion system, it optimizes static electricity control according to its distance from the target.

Moreover, the remover does not require an external high-voltage cable, thanks to the built-in micro piezoelectric ceramic transformer. The state-of-art discharge structure maximizes air circulation. User convenience was enhanced by adding a remote control.

Ultrasonic Mapping

Unit Ultrasonic Mapping Unit is another new product by DIT. It radiates ultrasonic waves in the air, after positioning more than one ultrasonic sensor in either a vertical or horizontal direction, in order to determine the existence of target substances by receiving the wave reflected by them. The ultrasonic sensor used in this mapping unit has 380kHz ± five percent of frequency and is able to detect the existence of either transparent, opaque, solid or liquid, particles as small as 0.5T. Potential failure caused by diffused reflection was prevented by individually controlling the ultrasonic sensors.

The unit is also capable of output response in either a PLC or PC environment. Optical sensor detection systems can fail to detect, depending on the transparency or color of the target substance, whereas ultrasonic sensor systems do not have those issues. It is also easy to install. DIT's expecting that these two new products will be in high demand in growing industries, such as semiconductor, LCD/PDD and LED/OLED markets.

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