Microsoft Makes it Easy; Add and Delete!
Microsoft Makes it Easy; Add and Delete!
  • Natasha Willhite
  • 승인 2011.02.06 09:34
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Finally, an e-mail provider, Microsoft, understands exactly what users need. After creating multiple e-mail accounts to handle various types of business, e-mail users would like to find an easier way to manage these accounts but also cut back on the hassle of having separate accounts. Microsoft picked up on this issue and has developed e-mail addresses in which users can access multiple emails within the person's main e-mail address. It means that there are no extra log-ins or log-outs while surfing through separate e-mails.

Microsoft's Hotmail proclaims that it will allow users to have up to 5 accounts; however, the limit is expected to increase to 15 in the future. This is easy extra space which allows users to control who has which email. Overall, it can almost be seen as a way to organize what is seen and where. A filter that every e-mail user wishes he or she could have.

Why is this a good idea If one of the addresses gets cluttered with junk mail after being exposed to sites that require e-mail information, it is easy just to delete the extra e-mail followed by creating another email. Integration has not looked better than this for a long time!

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