Changing Environment, New Implementation, Dominate ‘Smart IT’
Changing Environment, New Implementation, Dominate ‘Smart IT’
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The Korea's biggest domestic IT festival and a global exhibition optimized for business, the 'World IT Show 2011' will commence this coming May. This event is jointly organized by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and Korea Communications Commission and is the largest of its kind in Korea for the IT sector. The show will be unveiled at Coex in Samseongdong of Seoul from May 11 to 14.

Keeping in step with the theme, "Get IT Smart", this year's event highlights △business models and a wide range of merchandise which are based on various mobile environments including cutting edge Smartphone, tablet PC, SNS, new web service, cloud computing, 4G service, etc.  Moreover, the event will bring together in one place various digital video equipment such as smart TVs, 3DTVs, home networks, cameras and broadcasting equipment, etc. which will show new growth of displays as well as routers, new model servers, online games, social games, various contents, different network equipments, etc., along with various solutions like electronic government and security and mobile and cloud based OS, application, and software.

Further, visitors can take a tour of IT convergence goods and business models in such sectors as automobiles, shipbuilding, power, transportation, construction, defense, medical service, etc. as well as industrial electronic goods including semiconductors, wafer and related parts and equipments, embedded hardware, secondary battery, various display parts and equipments such as LCD, LED, etc., RAD, PCB, and so on.  The government's policy concentrates its support on these areas to create new value via convergence of IT and diverse industries.

The World IT Show is being prepared with the following objectives in view.  The show will actively exhibit merchandise and business models which are appropriate to the environment of IT ecosystem, which has clearly changed from being hardware centered to placing the emphasis more recently on contents as well as platform and network.  Moreover, by organizing various parallel events such as buyer business meetings, venture fairs, etc., the show seeks to establish itself as an 'offline IT market' that will move beyond a mere 'exhibition' to become a place of actual transaction and investment.

The World IT Show organizers anticipate that this event will offer a practical opportunity for domestic and global IT companies to find more customers and to improve business competitiveness by accurately reading the constantly changing domestic market trends.  Moreover, the event focuses on providing practical support and benefits to the exhibitors via a range of conferences and seminars in specialist fields in order to secure the participation of the governments and public institutions as well as of domestic and overseas investors.

Seeking an IT business exhibition that moves beyond the domestic arena to the world, the World IT Show recorded 1,487 booths and 554 companies from 18 countries participating last year, with a total of approximately 165,000 visitors. This year, it is anticipated that not only global IT companies from USA, Japan, Europe, etc. seeking collaboration in and a share of the domestic market that responds delicately to the IT environment but also local buyers will visit the exhibition center in large numbers.

The main features of this year's event are the simultaneous events and parallel events set up to provide an opportunity to the participants to test the market.  The show plans to organize an export consultation with overseas buyers by utilizing the global network of The Korea International Trade Association (12th), a presentation for new merchandise and technology attended by medium and small businesses and innovative technology companies (12th to 13th), and a venture fair.  Further, influential international events such as the International Broadcasting and Communications Ministers Conference (12th), Korea Communications Conference (11th to 12th), press party introducing domestic companies to overseas press corps (11th), etc. will add to the weight of the vents.

Application to participate in the exhibition can be made at, and receiving of applications can be terminated early if all booths have been filled.

◆Application due date: April 15, 2011

◆Location: Coex, Samseongdong Seoul

◆Inquiry : (02) 580-0546

◆Organized by: Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Korea Communications Commission, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism


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