Nerves are High!
Nerves are High!
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.02.10 10:10
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Minnesota, USA February 9, 2011- Although uprising in Tunisia began the wild fire of human right fights, the affects of unrest in next nation to follow, Egypt, are hitting home harder than anyone could have imagined. Americans and other people from other nations who got caught among the mess are either grateful for getting out or still worrying over those they had to leave behind.

In addition, there are circumstances of immigrants with families separated as governments have not been able to process all visas prior to the crisis. Displaced persons, stranded tourists, and split up families are not the only ones affected by this dilemma according to multiple news reporters who take the focus away from the human issue to the economic struggle it creates.

For those who are directly impacted by this crisis, it can be sickening to hear newscasters speak of the effects that the unrest in this region have on import costs and availability in resources such as crude oil. It brings to question if the government also is focusing primarily on the economic strains rather than the human rights issue. Would high-power countries such as the U.S. rather silence the cries of the rights-deprived people or will countries stand behind the uprisings and give a new hope to the citizens of countries controlled by corrupt ridden governments

In eyes of people who go outside the border and strike up friendships, it is ideal for us to remind others that there are faces and hearts to remember. Let our eyes not see dollar signs but rather the desperation on the faces of these unfortunate people.

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