Fiery Adventures Await in Gyeonggi Province
Fiery Adventures Await in Gyeonggi Province
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After the opening ceremony of the 5th World Ceramic Biennale 2009 now being held in Icheon, Kwangju and Yeoju, dignitaries clap
Adventures of Fire is being held in Gyeonggi Province, Korea for 30 days from April 25 to May 24. This big international event, the 5th World Ceramic Biennale 2009, is being held in three cities - Icheon, Kwangju, and Yeoju. It is stirring up people's deep interest in ceramic arts and providing a variety of sights and pleasant experiences. Visitors will be amazed to see the diverse kinds of rare and impressive ceramic works at the three exhibitions of the World Contemporary Ceramic Fair, Bunwon White Porcelain, and Korea Contemporary Ceramic Fair. In particular, the World Ceramics for Use under the theme of Ceramic Space & Life, which is being held in Yeoju, is harmonizing ceramic arts with nature, combining pure art and architectural art, so that visitors can take delight in finding out the real beauty of ceramic.

In addition to these events, a workshop is being held during the World Ceramic Biennale period. Sixteen famous artists have been invited to the workshop, introducing not only Korea's traditional ceramics but also world-famous ceramists' works and their manufacturing techniques, and exchanging ceramic cultures with overseas countries.

Pleasant and Educational Experience Program

During the event period, visitors young and old can enjoy a variety of clay play and educational experience programs. Especially, educational experience programs have been made taking into consideration the level of the audience, so that all visitors can undergo vivid, wonderful experiences. All visitors are able to touch, make, and play with ceramics. In particular, children's playing experience Touch, Touch Ceramics is designed to provide children with a good opportunity to become familiar with ceramic works.

A large-scale festival is also waiting for visitors to make the World Ceramic Biennale more entertaining and colorful. A variety of performances are ready to make the ceramic fair more enjoyable and impressive. Classic concerts including Beethoven and Classic on One Spring Day are being performed for children and families. Also there are pops orchestras, semi-classic performances, and cinema concerts for all audience members - young and old, men and women. These performing arts are attracting people's attention, entertaining visitors, and creating an exciting atmosphere for this ceramic fair.

Furthermore, the Ceramic Passion, which is presented as a special project of an international ceramic performance, represents Adventures of Fire, the theme of the 5th World Ceramic Biennale, as a behavioral art. Twenty famous behavioral artists at home and abroad are participating in this performance, trying to harmonize experimental behavioral arts with the ceramic arts of strong traditional color, thus providing an impressive and singular experience to the audience.

Children enjoy a variety of clay play games in the World Ceramic Biennale 2009
Jang Su-hong, director in charge of this big event, said: “Through this ceramic fair, we have tried to show how clay meets with fire and how it is born again as a beautiful art work. The whole process of these adventures of fire will give a vivid impression to the audience.” To make ceramic art more attractive and familiar to the audience and to make it easy to understand, this event has prepared the “edubiennale,” a portmanteau of education and biennale, so that all the visitors will be able to directly touch, make, and play with ceramic materials. That is to say, in order to avoid onesided education, it has introduced experience exhibitions, education programs, and play experiences.

During this ceramic fair period, a Clay Festival is being held at all three exhibition places - Icheon, Kwangju, and Yeoju. Everyone is invited to participate in the festival, together with many ceramic artists. All the visitors will be able to experience the manufacturing process of ceramic works. Seo Hyo-won, president of the World Ceramic Exposition Foundation, said: “During this ceramic fair and festival period, we have tried to provide abundant sights and entertainments for the audience, presenting unforgettable pleasure and exciting experience programs, so that all the visitors may keep this event in their memory, while wanting to visit again in the next event.”

Top-notch Ceramics in One Place

The International Ceramics Competition, the flower of the World Ceramic Biennale, has attracted more people's attention than ever before. Fully 1,726 artists from 70 countries have participated in the competition, and 3,196 ceramic pieces have been exhibited. Compared with the previous year, the number of exhibits has increased by 30% and the number of participating countries has increased by 12. Therefore, this international competition is expected to show us the trend of contemporary ceramic art. The International Competition is to be divided into two parts: one is Ceramics for Use, and the other is Ceramics for Expression. The prizewinning works and other excellent pieces are to be exhibited in the Icheon Ceramic Center during the event period.

The 5th World Ceramic Biennale is not only bringing us the beauty of ceramic arts, but also greatly contributing to the active exchange of ceramic art and culture among nations all over the world. The fact that world-famous ceramic artists are invited, and their artistic works are exhibited in one place, is quite meaningful. But more importantly, they are participating in diverse seminars and academic programs, thus sharing and exchanging ideas and information. In this sense, this event brings us a special opportunity to review the value of ceramic arts from the aspect of arts and culture, and industry as well. Jang Su-hong, executive director of this ceramic biennale, said: “Most of the artists who have participated in this international competition are actively performing their arts on the international stage. For this reason, the International Ceramic Competition carries more profound meaning in the sense that we can find the development direction of the world's ceramic arts, and that this event takes root as an international one.”

Meanwhile, under the theme of Bunwon White Porcelain, which is considered to be the most beautiful porcelain among numerous Joseon white porcelain types, Bunwon white porcelain objects are being exhibited in the Kwangju Ceramic Museum. Among the Joseon white porcelain that was manufactured in the latter part of Joseon Dynasty, 50 renowned works have been selected following a strict screening process. Along with these works, the contemporary work of modern artists who have been inspired by Bunwon white porcelain will also be exhibited, showing us the development direction and trends of modern porcelain, and shedding light on the yesterday, today, and tomorrow of Korean white porcelain.

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