Natasha's Notes: Flat Screen TVs Boring
Natasha's Notes: Flat Screen TVs Boring
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.02.18 06:46
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Minnesota, USA February 17, 2011- I can not say that I hate what flat screens bring to our homes and offices. However, it is getting more difficult to distinguish one from another if we are not starring directly at the logo. Are technology companies so caught up in the competition of creating the next highest advance project that they forget that also the box that covers it should be somewhat appealing as well Of course the black color could be seen as sleek and elegant, yet what does this become when every TV looks this way It looks like the boring, safe route which I hope changes relatively soon.

Just like many products, there are obvious advantages and disadvantages along with critiques on how to make improvements. These comments and critiques will be known as "The Natasha's Notes". It is time to take the pain out of reviewing and get constructive!

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I do not suggest creating TVs in crazy shapes or anything unusual like that. Simply, I urge companies to set themselves apart from other companies by also designing the outside of the TV just as they did the inside. This could be a risky business move; however, there are alternatives to every route which should be considered.

For instance, many gadgets can have their appearances changed by putting on a simple cover that the company produced. Likewise, TV producing companies could follow this but modify it slightly by engineering a cover that is thinner in appearance to give others the sense that the television was made to look that way. It gives each owner the freedom of having a television with a unique look that fits the design of the room. To create an artistically appealing room, we should no longer have to hide the TV behind cupboard doors. Perhaps in the future there could be a TV so stunning that designers would recreate the rest of the room to create a room more aesthetically appealing.

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