President's Day Madness!
President's Day Madness!
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
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Minnesota, USA February 21, 2011- Just like many holidays, President's Day is plagued with sales. It marks a time when there's a definite division between State and the economy. Each year, post offices and banks generally remain closed while stores are hopping with consumers ready to make expected big buys.


Unfortunately this year Minnesota is bombarded with heavy amounts of snow and not many people are willing to adventure outside as the roads are not the safest. Fortunately for the sale followers, sales are also online. This year it appears that online sales may help retailers more than they expected.

The President's Day sales tend to target those that need large purchases such as furniture, electronics or high-end apparel and accessories. Although this is a holiday where there is no tradition for family or friends, it's the next biggest thing to Black Friday. Perhaps there is a bigger reason for this but lets get to the meat of what everyone wants to know: where are the sales and what can we get

The stores where you can find the fashionable, typically high-price apparel are Macy's, Bloomingdale's and Lord & Taylor.


Offers free shipping on orders that are $99 & up! Discounts vary from 10-20% on select merchandise.


Impressive sale discounts up to 65% with free shipping on orders of $300 & Up.

Lord & Taylor

Offers 20% discount even on sale and clearance items as well as free shipping on orders $99 & up

To make your apartment, condo, or house feel a little more like home, hit up the stores online such as Sears, Overstock, and JC Penny.


Up to 30% off Kenmore appliances and up to 15% off of other brands throughout the store.


Huge clearance bins with redline deals changing in price throughout the entire day!

JC Penny

50% off of mattresses and all other furniture along with other fun deals throughout the site.

For more sales and detailed information on what else could suit your wants, visit:

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