TCS, the Best Knows Best
TCS, the Best Knows Best
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One of the TCS Solution Centers in Whitefield, Bangalore

Bangalore, India, Feb, 17, 2011-Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), which is a group company of Tata Group, has Solution Centers in Whitefield, Bangalore, the hub of the Indian IT industry where world-famous IT companies are located.

A number of global advanced companies visit TCS to get overall IT services ranging from IT consulting to infrastructure services, IT solution and services, asset leveraged solutions, engineering & industrial services, and BPO. TCS Bancs, Portfolio of Financial Solutions of TCS, which is ranked 1st among IT service companies in India, was selected as the best banking Solution in China. It also captured the hearts of world-famous companies with its various tools, delivery methodologies and Technology Solutions.

In 2003, TCS advanced into the Korean market and since then, it has enjoyed steady growth, providing Korean companies with IT Engineering and Business Consulting services and building relationship with Korean conglomerates. In recognition of such merits, it received the Asian MAKE Award at the World Knowledge Forum held in Seoul in consecutively for the last 3 years. TCS is considered the best---Then, what makes TCS the best

TCS with a total of 175,000 employees around the world and has become the world's first organization to achieve an integrated Enterprise wide Maturity Level 5 on both the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and the People CMM. On top of that it also operates the biggest R&D center in India. TCS, which makes active R&D investment based on its robust management structure, places the top priority on quality and seeks differentiation with other competitors. "The biggest goal of TCS is to offer the best solutions to customers, along with maximization of efficiency and creation of profits," a company official said.

Another merit of TCS is the fact that it has portfolio of technology solutions and services across all industry verticals. Accordingly, it can provide services suitable for customers in any field. It also has a wide global network. It can deliver high-quality solutions worldwide through its Global Network Delivery Model (GNDM). GNDM is the engine that allows TCS to provide reliable, scalable and cost-effective delivery of services and solutions for its global customers.

"Solutions Accelerators! TCS-developed tools are the driving force to supply better solutions. Innovation Labs and Co-Innovation Network are both top ranked solutions from TCS, which are the factors that enabled TCS to secure its world leading position," the official explained. At a time when the world is rapidly changing, TCS's global network of laboratories collects the latest information in IT research to ensure their customers enjoy all the benefits.

Also, TCS's Co-Innovation Network is a rich and diverse network that upgrades new knowledge in linkage with academies and research institutions within the entire technology landscape.

Korea is a very important growth market to TCS. TCS is widely different from other IT service companies, which are facing many difficulties in the peevish Korean market; TCS has posted a steady growth since 2003. In particular, it showed an outstanding ability among India's IT service firms in Korea, making efforts to keep closer relations with Korean companies.

"In fact, we have to deliver and perform at our best as Korean customers are very demanding and looking for perfection. However, TCS has experience and capabilities in offering high-quality services as it knows the method to provide top-quality services on the world stage. Accordingly, we have no problem in satisfying Korean customers' demands," the official said.


On the concern that Korea and India have totally different environments, will cooperation be difficult The official responded, "I don't think so. I think Korea and India are keeping close relations by carrying out many business projects together and the two countries will continue to help one another too. Plus, I think India and Korea will achieve shared growth with the exchange of software and technology."

He explained that TCS is now carrying out a job training program to seek closer cooperation in the Korean market. Under the program, TCS sent Korean associates to India for a three- to six-month training seminar to help them understand the overall software project. Along with this, TCS made a public Knowledge Management Tool on their website, enabling TCS associates in Korea to get information they need. To better understand Korea's culture and life, they are also operating a program consisting of the Korean language and culture training.

"TCS can offer global-level excellence to customers pursuing business efficiency and creation of profits through well-trained resources. We can provide them with great help in covering various fields, growing at a rapid pace and accommodating more market demands at the same time," he said.

In keeping with its giant size, TCS has a special target for this year. It plans to make investments in various projects such as banking, insurance, energy resources & utility, government, manufacturing, retail, telecom, and transportation. At present, customers' satisfaction degree of TCS reaches 89 percent. Six of their top 10 customers have been TCS customers for over ten years and more than 95 percent of its revenue comes from existing customers.

According to statistics, TCS is outstanding in terms of quality and on-time delivery, and keeps a lower level than the average in budget variation. Accordingly, almost all customers favor it. "In keeping with the TCS slogan of 'Experience Certainty,' I hope Korea will experience global-level software and enjoy increased profits and efficiency," he said.

Furthermore TCS, which attaches great importance to social responsibilities, is engaging in various social activities. It spends US$68.2 million annually for social welfare. It operates programs ranging from social activity for the elderly to scholarships for engineers and scientists.

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