Attention Ladies, Beautify your Skin!
Attention Ladies, Beautify your Skin!
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.02.26 12:08
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Model with a typical microdermabrasion tool
Minnesota, USA February 25, 2011- Appearance is important in the workplace; it is especially important to women as there are higher expectations. As young girls mature into women, they learn that makeup cannot fix everything or cover up any imperfections as it only puts a noticeable layer over the obvious flaw. Women of all ages search for solutions to various skin problems such as acne scarring, wrinkles, uneven-toned skin, and various other embarrassing issues.

The way to a new looking skin is through removing the top layer of skin. It is not necessary to go to a dermatologist for intensive procedures as there are life-changing products on the market that can work just as well as the professional way. Simply by searching 'microdermabrasion' on a search engine, you can find an overwhelming amount of battery-operated tools and creams. Through personal experience, I have been able to narrow down the list to the products that really work. Proudly, I'll introduce my ultimate and favorite kit of all time!


My perfect results from Youthful Essence. The best base to apply makeup to look flawless.
To compare the three microdermabrasion systems and find out which one is best for you, look over the following descriptions of them and check out my makeup-free face shot for proof of what Youthful Essence did for me!



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