Is ScreenRetriever Taking 'Monitoring' Too Far?
Is ScreenRetriever Taking 'Monitoring' Too Far?
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.03.01 09:47
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Minnesota, USA February 28, 2011- Previously we covered information on a couple of social networking sites that help ensure the safety of its young users. However, one company realized that these are not the only sites that children are browsing and parents cannot always be there to supervise their children 24/7. A concerned couple started a company by marketing a software they call, "ScreenRetriever."

The basic idea is that parents can check into what their children are doing on the 'net on a specific computer at any time from a different computer or through checking recorded history. I can already see problems with this type of handling as parents should realize that children do not only have access to the 'net by the home computer but elsewhere as well. Is this software actually necessary or are we simply developing a generation of parents who go crazy if they cannot control everything their children are doing Do we really need to see everything

It's time for the multiple ways of evaluating this software to see if this is worth your time and money (current price $9.99).

Although there is no doubt that there are definite safety issues online when it comes to children, it's important to note that not all children need this extensive type of monitoring. I am not downplaying the sort of things that has been happening to some children, but parents need to know when it is the time to do something like this. If you are a parent and you have some suspicions, it will not hurt to give this software a try and figure out if you're right. It could prevent your child from being exposed to dangers or affecting any other children in a negative way.  

Perhaps it will give every parent a happy feeling after monitoring a child and discovering that nothing alarming is happening. However, you should remember that with anything, people can become obsessed and irrational. It is healthy to supervise your child and keep a relationship to know what is happening online and offline. However, it is not normal for a child to have a parent stalker. Keep this in mind as you do everything possible for the well-being of your once-upon-a-time bundle of joy.

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