It's Batteries, Baby!
It's Batteries, Baby!
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.03.02 05:48
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Minnesota, USA March 1, 2011- We are all guilty of it: excessive battery consumption to the point where we cannot even think of how many batteries we use, name all of our products that use them, or give any information on which type of batteries our products use without having to make a record or check the actual product.

Batteries are important for many reasons. We can find them in anything from toothbrushes to cameras to automobiles. Lately, there is barely anything that does not require them. The sight of "Batteries Included" has started to disgust me as our growing need to consume more battery operated devices has taken an obvious rise. It's more than just an environmental issue. Has anyone considered the time it takes in shuffling through batteries or picking up new ones at the store This situation was big enough for me to start making my purchases based on the type of batteries that products used.

Before I switched to rechargeable batteries, I admit that I had mountains of batteries all over the place regardless of whether they worked or not. It became a task just to keep up with my piles of batteries as I went through them so fast. Yet, it was impossible to dispose of them properly in a quick manner. I dared not set up a bin as I knew that it would accidentally be filled with other garbage and the batteries would be forgotten.  I was trying to do the best thing when it turns out that the switch from disposable to rechargeable was actually the solution for me the entire time.

If you have not made the change yet, I created a list on the reasons you may consider the change. In addition, I am throwing out a list of the top rechargeable batteries to make the transition a little easier and less time consuming! You can have more time using the products that run on batteries and experience what it's like to really be energized.

**Helpful Hints:

Always let batteries fully charge and discharge

Keep batteries out of extreme heat or cold

Keep several batteries on you for days of longer use

Buy new batteries after approximately a year to ensure you are getting the optimal charge

Use the same brand charger for the batteries (there can be some differences which can affect the charge)

Recycle rechargeable batteries just like you would disposable!

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