Saving the World One Watt at a Time
Saving the World One Watt at a Time
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As a subsidiary of Fairchild Semiconductor, a leading global provider of semiconductor technology that powers a wide range of electronic applications, Fairchild Semiconductor Korea celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

During the past decade, Fairchild Semiconductor Korea has provided a variety of competitive power solutions including power management ICs, signal path ICs, optoelectronics, logics and automotive devices. It has operated in Korea and overseas markets, growing as one of the most important and strategic operations of Fairchild Semiconductor. With about 1,700 associates in R&D, production and sales units, its production now accounts for 30~40% of the entire output of Fairchild Semiconductor. Since its early stages, it has been aggressively increasing export of its products. In recognition of its outstanding achievements in exports, the company received the US$5 Million Export Tower from the Korean government in 2005 and it was designated as a good partner for customs administration by the Korea Customs Service in 2006.

To meet the growing demand for conservation of energy and energy-efficient solutions, the company is concentrating efforts on providing energy-efficient and high performance products that can optimize energy in a range of electronic applications such as refrigerators, air conditioners, mobile phones, televisions, flat panel displays, DVD players, notebook PCs, printers and cameras. It also provides innovative power solutions for lighting, motor and automotive applications. With advanced packaging, proprietary technologies and experience in the design and manufacturing of power semiconductors, its products allow the electronics industry to conserve energy by simplifying system design, improving reliability in manufacturing and reducing production processes. Today, power semiconductors such as power analogs and power discretes account for some 12% of the world semiconductor market.

The adoption of energy-efficient solutions of Fairchild Semiconductor can reduce energy use by 40% when singlephase AC motors are replaced by variable speed motors. One can save 35% of power when power supplies are replaced with highly efficient ones. Gas cooking can save 50% of energy costs when it replaces induction heating. Standby mode for electronic devices can also save 5% to 10% more power at home. Notably, demand for its smart power module (SPM) is soaring in the high-end air conditioner and refrigerator segment thanks to its outstanding merits of shortening time for system designing and manufacturing appliances while reducing the number of components. Recognizing its excellent power efficiency, Analog Zone, a prominent electronic engineering media, selected the high-efficiency Green Fair Fairchild Power Switch, or Green FPS, as the Best Product for 1-W Initiative of the year.

Under the slogan of Saving Our World, 1mW at a Time, Fairchild Semiconductor Korea is concentrating resources on developing high-efficiency power conversion technologies with a belief that semiconductor technology will play a significant role in addressing the challenge of global warming. In this low carbon and green growth era, the company will continue developing advanced technologies to reduce wasted energy and improve power efficiency.


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