Picture Paradise
Picture Paradise
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.03.11 12:58
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Minnesota, USA March 10, 2011- Most people have a preference on where to upload their photos to act as a backup. Do you use the best place to upload or is it just the site you have always been using It may not seem like a big deal, but you may not be getting all the benefits you wish you could. The options seem endless as most e-mail services offer space to upload photos; sites have been developed solely for photo storage and album creating; and social networking sites such as Facebook are exploding with photo albums that provide instant sharing with all your family and friends.

Sometimes it is overwhelming just looking at the number of sites that is out on the web. Just in sites that offer strictly photo services, it outnumbers twenty! Although it is not important knowing all of these sites, it is wise to know the benefits you could receive in using a particular site and see if there are other sites available that offer more of the benefits than what you have right now.

Your needs for photo service vary so I will put the top providers for particular areas. You should be able to pinpoint a category that generalizes your need. If the top photo service lists everything you need and more, it may be time to switch. You may be in luck if your pick is already listed. However, it does not hurt to look at the other options and discover if it is the route for you.

Beware that there are sites that reserve rights to your photos after upload. Always read the fine print and do additional research to make sure that you reserve your copyrights.

Print Photos and Create Gifts:


You can edit and print your photos and create gifts, anything from calendars to mugs, which can be picked up at a store. Gifts can be customized and there are over 100 unique gifts to choose. Gift giving is made easy when the site is free with unlimited storage, which means you can keep creating gifts but not need to delete any photos in order to create more.

Create and View 'Paging' Photo Albums:


Shutterfly is well-known for its amazing photo album feature which allows users to actually virtually page through the albums they create. It makes it easier for users to find the photos they want to create gifts or make prints.

Store and Share Photos and Videos:


It's a top site for offering photo and video storage as well as editing and other creation tools. The uploading can last a lifetime since it offers unlimited storage. This is perfect for the photo and video savvy people.

Sell your Photos:



Although it is well-known for its feature to sell photos, it also can be used to make gifts as well. Anyone from the regular consumer to newspapers uses this site. If you have a talent for photography, it may be worth your time to attempt to sell your photos. Good luck!

Send Pictures (Email, Phone, etc):


This site is great for those who do photography professionally. It makes it easier for customers to order prints. If you can top quality prints, the prices are good at just 15 cents per print. With Fotki you can also be a part of the photography community in addition to participating in activities such as photo contests. To send pictures to emails or phones is a breeze!

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