Candidate No. 3, Iksan Parts and Materials Industrial Complex
Candidate No. 3, Iksan Parts and Materials Industrial Complex
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Many investors are drawn to Iksan Parts and Materials Industrial Complex not only due to its geographical proximity, but also because Iksan has an excellent R&D infrastructure. About 60 cities including Seoul, Busan, Tokyo, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, and Vladivostock are within 2,000 kilometers of Iksan. In fact, about 35% of the world's exports are shipped in this region every year.

A Center of Transport

Representatives of the Investment Inducement Division of Iksan City meet with buyers at IMAC 2009
Iksan Parts and Materials Industrial Complex is expected to complete its construction by 2011 with a size nearing 2.8 million square meters. The complex will be only a 20 minute ride from Iksan Station, KTX, Honam Railway, Jeolla Railway, and Janghang Railway. Once the governement finishes building the Gunsan-Iksan-Pohang Highway, the highway will link the East to the West. The complex location is very close to three airports as well; Gunsan Airport, Cheongju Airport, and Gwangju Airport are all accessible within less than a hour. “We are also close to Gunsan Port, which has a docking capacity of 33 ships with 100,000 ton levels,” added Song Seakmin from Investment Inducement Division of Iksan City.

R&D Infrastructure

Iksan has an excellent research and development infrastructure for parts and materials industry support and is systematically training the best human resources to filter into companies. Institutions like the Innovation Center of Motor Parts are there to test and measure the parts. A total of 27 institutes include the Radiation Research Institute, Jeonbuk Bioindustry Development Institute, and Jeonju Center of Korea Basic Science Institute. Parts and material companies in the fields of medical and precision instruments, motors and machine parts, electrics and electronics, chemistry, and metals are expected to join the complex upon its completion. By the end of this year, 330,000 square meters of the total area will be developed as an industry complex for foreign parts and materials companies. Recent foreign investment in Iksan has come from AUK CORP, Kodenshi Korea, Dongwoo Fine Chem, and Yanmar Agriculture Instrument Korea, and they have developed high technologies and electronic parts industry including LEDs, diodes, and optic sensors.

No Labor Management Disputes

“Beyond the subjects of basic support like tax reduction and free land use, we established the first declaration and promotion regulations for labor management harmony in Korea and are focusing on enhancing productivity rather than supporting labor management harmony,” said Song Seak-min, Investment Inducement Division of Iksan City. He continued: “We will visit Japan in May to explain the benefits of Iksan Industiral Complex to Japanese material and components companies. Some Japanese companies showed their interest in our complex even before our visit.”


Iksan Parts and Materials Industrial Complex offers a real competitive edge for foreign business activities by providing high quality personnel resources, efficient logistics services, and support from nearby scientific communities. Studies of the Korea Planners Association announced this region to be a safe zone from any possible natural disasters too. Pick a reason to consider investment in Iksan and commence your inquiry. That is a great place to start.

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