Play for Knowledge: Kindle's Scrabble
Play for Knowledge: Kindle's Scrabble
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.03.16 07:32
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Minnesota, USA March 15, 2011- Amazon released the improved version of Scrabble for Kindle on March 13, which will be sold at a discounted price of $0.99- compared to the original price of $4.99- until March 27. If you are a scrabble junkie or word game fanatic, this deal is a steal! The options for game playing are endless when you can play by yourself, against a computer, or even with a friend or family member.  

The Kindle's Scrabble is the perfect, portable way to pass the time or even challenge your young children to expand their vocabulary. This game pushes children to learn the correct spelling of words as well as use their basic math skills like addition and multiplication. The best part is that it opens up conversation between parents and children to explain the meanings of words. It is easier for children to remember words and knowledge while playing a game rather than in an environment filled with pressure.  As a parent, you do not want to add more anxiety to your children's lives, but you want to help them learn as well.

Since Scrabble is offered on the Kindle, there are some advantages of it being electronic. It will immediately correct you or your child if there are any misspellings. Let's face it; children are not the only ones who need the practice of spelling and math sometimes. The down point of the electronic game is that the game points are automatically calculated. However, it does not mean you cannot ask your child to have a pen and paper to keep track of the score. At the end of the game, he or she could see if the totals were calculated right. Games on devices like the Kindle can easily be modified so that your children are learning everything you hope they are.

Although I did not use the previous version of the Kindle's Scrabble, I can highlight what the Kindle does right and where it could still use some improvement. It's your choice, take advantage of this deal while it lasts!


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