Rumors: Facebook and Warner Bros teaming up? Envision this!
Rumors: Facebook and Warner Bros teaming up? Envision this!
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.03.19 05:34
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Facebook and Warner Bros may help those far away watch videos with each other

Minnesota, USA March 18, 2011- Imagine this, logging into your Facebook account to watch movies or other entertainment videos. If predictions are right, Warner Bros and Facebook will be releasing a video rental service in the future that will run on Facebook. Social networking sites have already changed the ways that we interact and keep in touch with friends and family; will it also change the amount of time that we spend with others  

Some may feel hesitant about using a feature like this because of the amount of additional data that can be gathered. It is time to stop and think. How much time did you put into filling out the sections of Facebook like "About me" or "Favorite Movies" or even "Favorite Quotes"

Facebook can already piece together a full profile of you without seeing your complete movie viewing history. Perhaps it even knows more about you than you do. A feature like this could only be beneficial; I can already imagine jumping into this movie feature and seeing in the right corner "movie suggestions" and loving every movie on the list!



I already have visions of what could become of this Facebook movie feature if it really ties itself into the 'social' and "sharing" part of the network. People may be able to sit down in different parts of the world at different times just to watch a movie together. Although I do not know if Facebook would develop this feature to be like that, it could be a good vision.

Yet, every good vision has its downfalls; some people may abuse or over-use it for their means of socializing. Do we really need any more 'distance' in our close-distance friendships

Let's be honest, we share more on Facebook than we do in person. Sometimes there are parts of movies or shows where we cannot stop laughing or thinking about something that is said that we get to the point where we actually post it on Facebook.

Wouldn't it be convenient to instantly post movie comments because you're using Facebook already It makes me curious on whether below the movie viewer there will be a 'comments' box that would track any thoughts you have during the movie; it could be a step-by-step movie review that could benefit all of your friends!

It may look like I am divided on whether or not this tool would be a good or bad feature for Facebook to include. Overall, my opinion is that Facebook would be taking a step in the right direction if it opens itself up to more media. We are focused on 'social media' as the vision of the future. Will Facebook be the network to take us to that future Will you be a part of it or resist it

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