Hi Seoul Festival 2011 to be held in Seoul in May
Hi Seoul Festival 2011 to be held in Seoul in May
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Hi Seoul Festival 2011 will be held from May 5 to 10
Hi Seoul Festival 2011 will be held at Yeouido Hangang Park and downtown Seoul for a six-day run from May 5 to 10, a Seoul City spokesman said. 

"Some two million Seoul citizens and foreign tourists are expected to participate in the Seoul Festival this time under the theme of nonverbal performance, which offers a wide array of cultural and art programs. Visitors will have a chance to view countless exhibits and participate in numerous experience programs" he said.

Nonverbal Performance refers to performances using gestures, beats, or sounds that people can easily understand, regardless of their language, age, or race. The 2011 festival is jointly organized by Seoul City and the Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture. "Seoul City attracted 1.89 million Seoul citizens and foreign visitors to the Hi Seoul Festival 2010 held under the theme of nonverbal performance, making the event a world-famous performance arts festival," he noted.

Noting that Hi Seoul Festival pursues the value of bringing pleasure and happiness to the hearts of people, the spokesman said, "Seoul's cultural vivacity will be more reflected in the international event through a variety of arts performances."

About 200 performances are expected to be staged by some 70 groups and individuals from more than 10 countries, including Canada, France, Australia, Brazil and Spain, under the theme of nonverbal performances during the event. "Besides, citizen artists program will be expanded significantly this year to help more citizens actively participate in the nonverbal performance," he said.


Invitation of citizen artists
Related to this, Seoul City plans to invite 1,000 citizen artists who will participate in a nonverbal open contest and a performance program.

"Along with this, the city will invite a total of 400 citizen volunteers who will support on-the-spot activities, foreign language interpretation service and other promotion & marketing activities during the festival period," he said. "We are preparing a variety of programs, which we will invite Seoul citizens to become heroes of the colorful events," he said.


In keeping with the world's performance arts circles' trend, Seoul City selected nonverbal performance, which enables people to communicate with each other with gestures, beats or sounds beyond barriers of language, race and generation, as the key genre of the Seoul festival.

"The nonverbal open contest will be classified into two fields - band music and nonverbal performance - where amateur citizen artists will radiate their passion," said the spokesman.

Meanwhile, citizen volunteers will be picked through screening procedures will carry out such service activities as field event coordination, foreign language interpretation services, and PR marketing.

"All citizens who are 18 years of age and older and have a great deal of enthusiasm for Hi Seoul Festival can apply for citizen volunteers. Seoul City plans to offer a volunteer certificate, T-shirts, hat, ID card and other souvenirs for citizen volunteers," said the spokesman.

Those who hope to become citizen volunteers can make an application through the homepage of Hi Seoul Festival (www.hiseoulfest.org).

Hi Seoul Festival 2010

In the meantime, Seoul City and Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture jointly organized Hi Seoul Festival 2010 at Yeouido Hangang Parks and in central Seoul, on Oct. 2-10, under the slogan of "Gesture of Seoul and Gesture of the World."

About 200 performances were staged by some 70 groups and individuals from 13 countries, including France, Australia and Spain under the theme of nonverbal performances during the event.

The eighth annual event was delayed to autumn from spring due to the sinking of a Navy warship, the Cheonan, by the North Korean torpedo attack in late March.

The venue has extended to Yeouido, Banpo, Seonyudo and other riverside parks and Myeong-dong from Seoul Square, Cheonggyecheon Stream and five major palaces.

In particular, four giant tent theaters, including Parang Theater 70 meters in diameter and 21 meters high, were set up at Yeouido Hangang Park for the festival. There was the event on the eve of the festival on Oct. 1, and closing event on Oct. 2, there.

Nanta, Baramgot and other nonverbal performances were staged as an opener of the festival under the theme of "Opening Gala, Oh! Nonverbal." The opening event was followed by firework shows by Groupe F, which participated in the Firework Festival which was held to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower.



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