2011 Korea International Boat Show
2011 Korea International Boat Show
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Korea International Boat Show 2009

The fourth round of Korea International Boat Show (KIBS) will be held from June 8 to June 12 at Jeonggok Port, Hwasong-si, Gyeonggi-do.

Hosted by Gyeonggi Province, Hwasong-si, and Ansan-si, and organized by KOTRA and KINTEX, KIBS is aimed at spurring the provincial economy in association with the Gold Coast project - the province's marine leisure industry development project for the West Coast of Korea.

The boat show has, with 3 years of experience, steadily progressed in its goal of becoming the 'best international boat show in Asia' while drawing the public's attention to the marine leisure industry.

2010 KIBS, in particular, turned out a huge success as the show not only got hold of KRW 3 billion - 7.5 times higher than in 2009 - from 105 agreements made on site, but it also became the first boat-related exhibition in Korea to receive the certification of international exhibition from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. The show has successfully expanded the programs that involve visitors' participation as well.

In an effort to realize 'industrialization,' 'internationalization,' and 'popularization,' 2011 KIBS will reinforce marketing activities with which to attract influential buyers and VIP customers and, in turn, lead to actual transactions, simultaneously trying to make it an 'exhibition that people anticipate."

Moreover, the organizers have been promoting the show on a more global scale by setting up the Korea Association of Marine Industry to enhance its link to other global marine-related organizations via, for instance, the cooperation with Shandon Province in China for marine leisure project as well as acquiring the membership from IFBSO in June this year. This membership will help KIBS gain international recognition.

Popularization is another indispensible goal of the association and, this year, they are planning to focus the show on marine experience programs to maximize the public's interest and participation while eliminating or simplifying a few events including the opening and closing ceremony.

Korea International Boat Show has already proved successful for the first three years and also secured world class marina facilities - the basic infrastructure for establishing the marine leisure industry. In addition, the organizers are even envisioning a yacht hub around Jeonggok Port in the coming years.

With the progress of KIBS, the West Coast in Gyeonggi-do will likely attract both the populace from the Metropolitan Area and visitors from China where the increasing income is leading to the fast growth of leisure and sports markets.

As the slogan - 'Great Challenge, the Sea is the Future!'- says, this year's KIBS will shed light on the bright future of the West Coast of Gyeonggi-do.


Changes from 2010

  • Visitors now should purchase the ticket for the exhibition and there are more diverse exhibits prepared including fishing gear and the marina promotion center
  • Reduced official events such as the simplified opening ceremony; and closing ceremony was eliminated
  • VIP marketing to attract buyers and visitors who are likely to make actual purchases
  • Renewed professional conference and permanent open conference (within the exhibition hall)

Yacht Design Award to foster related businesses



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